Radiation Safety

Radiation waste barrels on a road and in the pasture.

Sources of ionizing radiation, such as radioactive materials and x-ray machines, can pose a considerable health risk if not properly controlled. 

Radiation Safety Committee has been developed which reviews and approves all research using radioisotopes and radiation-producing equipment at TWU.

Hope Zavalin (940-898-3650 or hzavalin@twu.edu) serves as the University's Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).

Individuals using radioactive materials or operating radiation-producing equipment must register with the RSO and complete mandatory training. Additionally, all procedures must be done in accordance with TWU's Radiation Safety Manual - Radioactive Materials orRadiation Safety Manual - X-ray generating devices and TWU URP University Regulations and Procedures Policy 04.430: Environmental Health and Safety.

Radioactive Waste Pickup Request

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