Lab Standard Operating Procedures

A person with lab coat and blue nitrile gloves holding a white binder with black lettering reading 'Standard Operating Procedures'

EH&S has created Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for common hazards in the lab. These templates are meant to be shared and incorporated into each lab’s safety program, with a section at the bottom for lab members to sign and date after training is complete. For questions or suggestions for additional SOPs, please contact EH&S.

Templates and Resources

  • Large Container Waste Log
    • Intended for use by laboratory researchers producing hazardous waste with contents that are too numerous to fit onto a standard hazardous waste label.
  • Unattended Experiment Form
    • Intended for use by laboratory researchers conducting an unattended experiment; this template serves to alert others of potential hazards while the experiment is running.
  • Laboratory-Specific Safety Training Checklist
    • Intended for use by Principal Investigators (PIs) and their laboratory members to review safety features, equipment, and procedures prior to working with hazardous chemicals, materials, or processes.

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