Environmental Health & Safety

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The Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) is part of TWU's Risk Management department and is primarily responsible for developing and implementing programs to protect the health and safety of TWU employees, students, and visitors. EH&S is also responsible for managing compliance with environmental laws and regulations. To help maintain the healthful environment conducive to the accomplishment of the goals of TWU, the EH&S office follows University Regulation and Procedure Number 04.430.

Frequently Requested Services

  • BioRAFT: web-based platform for laboratory and other high-hazard space management, inspections, and chemical inventories
  • Bridge: web-based employee learning management system for Risk Management training and more [note: not compatible with Internet Explorer]
  • Driving Authorization Form: form to request authorization to drive TWU vehicles
  • Ergonomic Questionnaire: form to determine if musculoskeletal discomfort or health issues may be related to your workspace, or to ensure your workspace is ergonomically set up regardless of any issues
  • Grilling Permit: form to request a permit for outdoor grilling on campus
  • Indoor Air Quality Questionnaire: form for faculty, staff, or students who have health-related concerns that they believe may be related to their work or on-campus living environment to request indoor air quality monitoring
  • Report a Safety Concern: form to report anytime you see or experience an unsafe condition at the university
  • Report an Incident: form to report whenever there is an accident/incident (e.g. chemical spill) on or off-campus that results in injury or property damage
  • Safety Data Sheets (in BioRAFT): access to Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), which provide important safety information about chemicals and other materials
  • Waste Pickup Request Form: form to request pickup of regulated waste on campus (hazardous, medical, biohazardous, universal, radioactive, etc.)

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