Have An Exit Strategy

White and red text on a black background that reads: Have an Exit Strategy. Fire in a dorm room? Club or concert venue? Public building? You have 60 seconds. Go.

When you enter a public place or building, note where the exits are located. And remember, in a fire, the best way out may not be the way in.

Find important fire safety tips and printed materials on the Texas Department of Insurance State Fire Marshal's website

Below are posters emphasizing the importance of these basic precautions both on and off-campus.

Copies of brochures, 11" x 17" posters, magnets, pins, and door hangers are available from EH&S to any TWU department or campus group wanting to increase fire safety awareness. Call 940-898-4001, option 3, or email risk@twu.edu for more information.

Exit door is smaller in the room, then normal.
Friends are at a social event visiting.
Students at a concert hall, dancing with their hands up.
A room destroyed by a fire.

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