TWU's Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values & Principles


Educate a woman, empower the world.


Texas Woman’s University cultivates engaged leaders and global citizens by leveraging its historical strengths in health, liberal arts, and education and its standing as the nation’s largest public university primarily for women. Committed to transformational learning, discovery, and service in an inclusive environment that embraces diversity, Texas Woman’s inspires excellence and a pioneering spirit.


Texas Woman’s will be known as the premier public university for a woman-focused education and leadership development, graduating thriving citizens who have a strong sense of community, health, prosperity, and a sense of purpose.

Core Values

Fundamental to who we are and what drives our actions









Guiding principles that emerge from Texas Woman’s history and frame its future

  • The growth of students is nurtured in a safe environment that fosters personal connections, resiliency, and a philosophy of education as a lifelong process.
  • Our commitment to excellence and integrity permeates all that we do.
  • Diversity and collaboration are fundamental to our academic culture of innovation, research, and creative expression.
  • Liberal arts develop the whole person, inspire inquiry, encourage application, and cultivate success in careers and graduate education.
  • Graduate education provides opportunities for individual advancement and develops professionals to serve society at large.
  • People and cutting-edge technology drive the discovery and creative expression that fuel our educational enterprise.

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