Report an Incident or Safety Concern

TWU Incident Form
REPORT spelled out in Scrabble letters.

Report Accidents/ Incidents Immediately

Whenever there is an accident/incident (e.g. chemical spill) on or off-campus that results in injury or property damage, take the following actions:

  • Call DPS immediately (940-898-2911) to report the accident/incident.
  • Complete the TWU Incident Report Form within 48 hours of the accident/incident.
  • TWU employees (including student employees):
    • Contact your immediate supervisor to inform them of an accident/injury within 1 business day.
    • If injured, complete the necessary Worker's Compensation Packet as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after the incident.
    • For supervisors, if your employee is or thinks they may be injured, complete the Supervisor's Worker's Compensation Packet as soon as possible. 

What to Expect After Reporting a Safety Issue or Accident

Your report will go to the Department of Risk Management for review and triage. If necessary, we will follow up with you to obtain additional information about the safety issue. For accidents, we will perform an accident investigation and contact you for further information.

TWU Safety Concern Form

Report Safety Concerns

Please use the TWU Safety Concern Form any time you see or experience an unsafe condition at the university. For example, slippery or damaged walking surfaces may not seem like much; however, they can cause trips and falls which can result in serious injuries.

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