Matt Moustakas

Matt Moustakas, ARM, CSP, CHMM
Executive Director of Risk Management
Phone: 940-898-2924 Email:

‣ Insurance Management
‣ Enterprise Risk Management
‣ Youth Protection/Minors on Campus
‣ Environmental Management System
‣ Food Safety

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Carrie Gartman
Business Operations Manager of Risk Management
Phone: 940-898-3213 Email:

‣ Certificates of Insurance Requests
‣ Driver Authorizations

Chris Washington

Chris Washington, MPH, NEMAA
Director of Emergency Management & Business Continuity
Phone: 940-898-3367 Email:

‣ Emergency Planning and Operations
‣ Emergency Preparedness Training, Drills, & Exercises
‣ Severe Weather Planning and Drills
‣ Presentation and Training Requests
‣ Faculty, Classroom, and Department-Level Preparedness

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Deborah Yisihak
Emergency Management Specialist
Phone: 940-898-3368 Email:

‣ Business Continuity Planning and Training
‣ Social Media Alerts

Hope Zavalin

Hope Zavalin, CSP
Director of Environmental Health & Safety
Phone: 940-898-3650 Email:

‣ Biological Safety
‣ Radiation Safety
‣ Fire Code Compliance
‣ Job Hazard Analysis/Job Safety Analysis
‣ Occupational Health and Safety

Erik Reyes

Erik Reyes
Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
Phone: 940-898-3356 Email:

‣ Fire Safety Equipment
‣ Hot Work Permits
‣ Confined Space Entry
‣ Fall Protection
‣ Grilling Permits

Corbin Aaen

Corbin Aaen
Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
Phone: 940-898-3151 Email:

‣ Lab Safety
‣ Hazardous Waste
‣ Stormwater
‣ Wastewater

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