Space Heaters

Image of oil-filled radiator style space heater

Space heaters are a convenient way for you to control the temperature in your workspace. However, certain rules must be followed to ensure their safe operation and to comply with the applicable fire code.

Space heaters are prohibited in residence halls.

If a room seems excessively cold (or hot) you may want to reach out to TWU Facilities Management & Construction for assistance.

Space heaters used in workspaces must comply with all of the following:

  • Only electric space heaters may be used.
  • Space heaters must be plugged directly into an outlet (not used with a power strip or extension cord).
  • Must be listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (e.g. UL).
  • Must have tip-over protection AND overheat auto-shutoff.
  • Must have a thermostat to control temperature.
  • Must be kept 3 feet from all combustibles/flammables.
  • Must not be left unattended when turned on.
  • Space heaters are NOT allowed in labs and studios.
  • Electrical coil/resistance space heaters are prohibited (ceramic and oil-filled heaters are permitted).

Please contact Risk Management if you have any questions about space heaters at, or 940-898-4001.

Page last updated 11:10 AM, February 8, 2024