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2018-2019 Chancellor's Research Fellows Announced

The Chancellor’s Research Fellows Program provides support to promising scholars and their mentors to facilitate completion of a specific project. The objectives are to identify faculty with strong potential for obtaining external funding for research; provide additional research support that will help protégés and mentors succeed in their research agendas; and facilitate the building of internal and external partnerships. Below is the list of 2018-2019 Chancellor's Research Fellows:

  • Helen Everts (nutrition and food sciences) will be mentored by Joseph Napoli, professor of nutritional sciences and toxicology, University of California, Berkeley;
  • Hui-Tin Goh (physical therapy, Dallas) will be mentored by Jill Stewart, assistant professor of exercise science, University of South Carolina;
  • Tina Gumienny (biology) will be mentored by Cathy Savage-Dunn, professor of biology at Queens College at the City University of New York;
  • Elisa Na (psychology) will be mentored by Christopher Brower (biology);
  • Robby Petros (chemistry) will be mentored by Mohammad Omary, professor of chemistry at the University of North Texas.

Revised IRB Procedures 

The TWU IRB has revised the IRB Procedures, effective June 7, 2018. The primary change in procedures is that of record retention for files. IRB records will now be kept three years from the file close date rather than four years.  Other changes are non substantive and are intended to provide clarification regarding individual roles, definitions of key terms, and procedures and processes.