Safety Committees

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This page contains information about the Texas Woman's University Safety Committee, including the committee's mission statement, structure, and responsibilities, as well as information about the current committee.

Mission Statement

It is the intent of the Texas Woman’s University Safety Committee to advise and assist the University Administration in promoting an environment that is safe from recognized hazards for faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

The Safety Committee will provide a forum for implementing, maintaining, and enhancing the safety culture and reviewing policies and procedures within Texas Woman’s University.

Texas Woman’s University is committed to efforts to prevent injury and illness and promote a safe and healthy work environment. Responsibility for this is shared by the administration, faculty, staff, students, and the Safety Committee.


The Texas Woman’s University Safety Committee will be chaired by a member elected by the Committee whose primary responsibilities will be to facilitate the Committee meetings and serve as a liaison between the Committee and the University Administration.

The Committee membership should represent the general make-up of the University to provide a mix of faculty, staff, and students. Obtaining input and ideas from various departmental personnel who have first-hand knowledge of potential hazards can contribute to an effective safety and health program.

Each member will serve on the Committee for a period of one year, with a review and potential rotation of those members at the end of this period.


The Texas Woman’s University Safety Committee will convene as determined by the Committee membership to discuss safety and health management concerns and programs.


In addition to attending Texas Woman’s University Safety Committee meetings, responsibilities associated with the Committee will include, but are not limited to:

  • Serve as a role model for safe attitudes and work practices
  • Identify and be receptive to safety concerns and issues
  • Propose and assist with the implementation of solutions and corrective actions
  • Serve as an interface for safety issues within the University by reporting concerns and issues to the Administration
  • Assist with the development, review, and implementation of safety and health procedures, policies, and tools
  • Review accident reports, corrective actions, and consider accident trends
  • Respect confidentiality

Current Committee

The University Safety Committee is currently chaired by the Director of Environmental, Health & Safety. Email questions or concerns you would like to present to the Safety Committee to In addition, a separate Facilities Management & Construction (FMC) Safety Committee has been established to address the safety issues unique to the FMC department.

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