Student Life

Lead. Climb. Explore. Dance. Volunteer. This is the place to learn by doing. Because what happens outside the classroom at Texas Woman’s University can be just as important as what happens inside it.

Step outside your comfort zone and discover a talent you never knew you had or a passion you might have overlooked. This is the time to be a Pioneer. Try something new and, in the process, be transformed.

Through our activities and organizations; leadership opportunities and community service; and, a dedicated network of support services, you’ll grow to embrace diversity and learn to engage the world around you.

Signature Events

TWU students enjoy attend events like the Rangers game

Night at the Ballpark

TWU students, alumni and friends enjoy college night games during the spring semester in Houston and Arlington and receive TWU-themed hats the games. 

Redbud Awards recognize TWU student achievement

Redbud Awards

Each spring the Redbud Awards honor the accomplishments of our student leaders, student organizations and faculty and staff advisors. 

TWU students and alumni enjoy homecoming events


We do things differently here--our football team is undefeated, and we host Homecoming during the spring. Activites will vary but having fun is always required!

chartered and university-sanctioned student organizations
national gymnastics championships
tennis courts, 1 indoor pool and a climbing wall

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