Compliance Reviews

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A well-planned Environmental Health & Safety compliance review program helps to detect unsafe conditions and hazards before an incident occurs. Compliance reviews can also detect non-compliance with applicable regulations. When utilized properly, such reviews are an effective method of reducing risk to the University. Compliance reviews also provide an opportunity for affected employees to learn more about EH&S requirements and risk management techniques.

While formal compliance reviews are conducted by EH&S staff, employees or supervisors should look for compliance issues as part of their daily routine. Such reviews do not have to be formal, and may or may not use a checklist or other documentation procedures. However, any necessary corrective action should be implemented as soon as possible. This routine process demonstrates positive employee and supervisory involvement in an ongoing EH&S program.

Frequency of Compliance Reviews

The frequency of reviews conducted by EH&S will be determined on a case-by-case basis, dependent on the nature and severity of potential hazards, and on the relative stability and complexity of worksite operations. Factors considered when determining frequency include:

  • Potential for incidents
  • Potential severity of incidents
  • General workplace housekeeping
  • New or altered equipment, processes, and operations
  • Previous record of incidents

Compliance Review Tracking System

EH&S utilizes BioRAFT, a web-based EH&S compliance review system, to complete review checklists electronically as well as track corrective actions to completion. If you are an area supervisor or principal investigator who has been assigned responsibility for corrective actions, you will be given access to the BioRAFT system. See the BioRAFT page for more information. 

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