Cranes, Hoists, and Rigging


Close up picture of a hook for rigging devices.

Texas Woman’s University is dedicated to the protection of its employees and students from all on-the-job injuries. All employees of TWU have the responsibility to work safely on the job. The Crane, Hoist, & Rigging Safety Program applies to all TWU faculty, staff, and students who operate and/or are responsible for cranes, hoists, and rigging.

Moving large, heavy loads may involve the use of specialized lifting devices such as cranes, hoists, and rigging. There are significant safety issues to be considered, both for the operators and for individuals in proximity to them. The goals of the Crane, Hoist, & Rigging Safety Program are to supplement the University’s standard of safety (URP Policy 04.430) by providing additional safety standards when operations are conducted that use University-owned overhead cranes, hoists, and rigging and ensure that each individual is trained and made aware of the requisite safety provisions prior to the start of work.


Crane, Hoist, and Rigging Safety Program (PDF)

Crane, Hoist, and Rigging Qualified Person Form (PDF)

Crane, Hoist, and Rigging Pre-Operational Inspection Form (PDF)

Crane, Hoist, and Rigging Abbreviated Pre-Operational Inspection Form (PDF)

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