Forms and Instructions


  • NEW! Contract Routing Sheet [pdf] This form must be completed by the department and submitted with a contract to
  • Checklist for Contracts [pdf] A guide for departments to use when submitting a contract to Procurement Services for review and signature.
  • Guest Lecturer Agreement [docx] This template is for use when bringing in an individual who will present a lecture, speech, seminar or workshop.
  • Virtual Guest Lecturer Agreement [docx] Use this template when an individual will present a lecture, speech, seminar or workshop virtually.
  • Master Services Agreement [docx] This template is for use when procuring services from an independent contractor when it is prudent to detail the services to be performed.
  • Performer/Artist Agreement [pdf] Use this template for an artist or an individual whose services include a performance.
  • Media Artist Agreement [docx] This template is to be used for illustrators, writers, photographers and other artists.
  • Guest Speaker Solicitation Permit [pdf] This form is to be used if a guest speaker wants to sell materials related to their performance. The form must be completed and approved by the Vice President for Finance & Administration at least 10 days prior to the performance.
  • CAPS Psychiatry Contractor Agreement [docx] Use this template for psychiatric contractor services.



  • Membership and Dues [pdf]
    Request for approval and payment of Memberships and/or Dues.  Please allow up to 5 business days for payment processing procedures.
  • Tax Exempt Certificate [pdf]
    Certification used to claim an exemption from the payment of taxes for the purchase of tangible personal property and/or services.
  • Data Card Request [pdf]
    To request data access for laptops.
  • Emergency Purchase Justification [pdf]
    To be used along with Departmental purchase requisition for the purchase of products/services that needs to be processed on an emergency basis.
  • Sole Source Justification [pdf]
    To be used along with Departmental purchase requisition for the purchase of products/services that are only available from one source.
  • Food Purchase Justification [pdf]
    Required for all food purchases except food purchased for research use in a lab or classroom or food for consumption by animals.
  • Account Combination Form For adding a new Object Code segment to a valid account number.
  • Non-conforming Purchase Justification [pdf]   
  • Request for Solicitation Form [pdf]
    To be used for complex purchases greater than $40,000 that are required to go through the competitive sealed proposal process. Please contact Procurement and Contract Services for assistance.



Some forms require extra steps to access. Please ensure that you log-in in the top right corner should you receive a "Permissions Denied" notice.
  • HUB Certification [pdf]
    Instructions for:
    1. Vendors / Businesses to register as a Texas Vendor
    2. Create your MyCPA Account
    3. Begin the CMBL (Centralized Master Bidders List) or HUB (Historically Underutilized Business Program) process
  • Supplier Number Search [pdf]  Locate the supplier number associated with a specific supplier.

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