Returns, Credits and Disputed Charges

Should a problem arise with a purchased item or charge, the cardholder must attempt to first resolve the issue directly with the vendor.  If a return/refund is processed, the cardholder must make sure the credit appears on a future statement.  The returned, credited or disputed item shall be noted when reconciling in Concur. 

If a cardholder cannot resolve a disputed transaction directly with the vendor, they should contact Citibank at 1-800-248-4553 to initiate the dispute process. 

Returns:  If a cardholder needs to return an item to a vendor, contact the vendor and obtain instructions for return. Note that some vendors may charge a restocking or handling fee for returns. All returns should be indicated in the expense description. 

Credit:  If an item is accepted as a return by the vendor, a credit for this item should appear on the following month’s statement. All credits should have department account number allocated with expense type. 

Disputed Charges:  If a cardholder finds a discrepancy on a monthly statement, the cardholder should contact the vendor and attempt to resolve the problem directly. All disputed items should be indicated in the expense description. 


Page last updated 3:42 PM, September 4, 2021