Historically Underutilized Business Strategic Plan

Texas Woman’s University (TWU) is committed to a good faith effort to increase purchases from and contract awards to Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) firms consistent with the State’s goals for HUB participation and overall economic development.

Program Goals

The function of the State HUB Program is to assist certified minority and woman-owned businesses in bidding for contracts and open market purchases with Texas State agencies, including institutions of higher education. HUB owners represent economically disadvantaged persons of a qualifying group (Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, American Women, and Disabled Veterans). Texas Woman’s University is committed to maximizing the opportunity for HUB firms to provide goods and services needed to support the University.

Through the implementation of this program, the University commits to fostering an environment to meet or exceed the State’s annual percentage goals for HUB participation in purchases of and contracts for the following procurement categories:

11.2%  Heavy Construction (other than building contracts)
21.1%  Building Construction
32.9%  Special Trade Construction
23.7%  Professional Services
26.0%  Other Services
21.1%  Commodities


In an effort to meet or exceed the State’s annual goals for HUB participation, TWU has established the following objectives:

  • Establish administrative policies and procedures necessary for efficient and effective management control of the HUB program
  • Enhance the ability of HUBs to compete for contracts and purchases
  • Identify new potential HUB suppliers
  • Encourage HUBs to participate in the competitive bid process with the objective of increasing the number of contracts awarded to HUB suppliers
  • Heighten awareness of HUB utilization within the TWU community
  • Strive to meet the State’s six (6) category goals of eligible contracts awarded to HUBs
  • Participate in the Texas Universities HUB Coordinators Alliance in an effort to identify new programs, meet with area vendors, and cooperatively discuss strategies for meeting state HUB goals


  1. Create an environment to adequately manage the HUB program
    Maintain a HUB group to provide functional staff expertise, advice and counsel regarding implementation of all aspects of the HUB program. The group shall include representatives of Procurement Services, Facilities Management, Budget Office and any other department responsible for major contracting opportunities. Operating procedures will be established to foster the success of the HUB program at TWU.

  2. Maintain an outreach program with the HUB business community
    To encourage and enhance the ability for HUB vendors to compete for contracts and purchases, an outreach program with the local regional HUB business community is required. This effort will assist in identifying HUB firms capable of supplying needed materials, supplies, equipment and services. This outreach should foster further expansion and development of HUB businesses and actively assist HUBs and small businesses in Texas in becoming familiar with the procurement process of the University.

  3. Establish procedures to promote utilization of HUB vendors within the TWU community
    Maintain internal procedures which encourage the use of HUB vendors for departments and individuals that exercise budget expenditure authority. All staff engaged in daily procurement should be knowledgeable of the HUB program policy, strategies and procedures. Procedures must encourage the utilization of competitive bid requirements for delegated purchases promulgated by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts in support of HUB objectives.

  4. Identify Reporting Requirements
    Maintain a HUB utilization reporting system with sufficient data to satisfy reporting requirements of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and to produce output measures specified in this plan.

  5. Actively Participate in the Texas Universities HUB Coordinators Alliance
    Attend quarterly Alliance meetings to identify new programs, meet with area vendors, and develop a network to assist in promoting and meeting state HUB goals.

Output Measures of HUB Utilization Strategies

  • Number of HUB firms solicited for bids/proposals
  • Number of HUB suppliers awarded Purchase Orders and Contracts
  • Number of economic opportunity forums supported and/or attended
  • Percent of dollar volume of purchases from HUB firms
  • Percent of purchases, contracts and subcontracts awarded to HUB firms

Finding HUB Vendors

A complete list of all certified Texas HUB vendors can be electronically accessed through the CMBL - Centralized Master Bidders List. The state of Texas maintains the CMBL in which all registered vendors for the State of Texas and certified Texas HUBs are listed. You may search the CMBL by commodity class and item codes to find which Certified Texas HUBs provide certain commodities/services.

Searching for HUB's on the CMBL, a step-by-step handout [pdf]

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