Allowable Purchases

All purchases must be made in accordance with the State of Texas and Federal applicable statutes and regulations, the State Comptroller's rules, and Texas Woman’s University rules. 

The PCard can be used for many various purchases. Some examples are listed in the table below.

Categories marked with *** require additional documentation. Click the link to see what you need to provide.

Category Category Category
Advertising/Social Media*** Food/Business Meals (no 110 account)

Plants - outdoors

Books, Manuals & Reference Materials Job Listings*** Printing Services***
Building Maintenance & Repair   Freight (parcel services) Promotional Items***
Cleaning Services


Registration Fees***
Consumables Maintenance & Repair - Equipment*** Rental Furnishings & Equipment
Employee Awards/Prizes/Gifts Maintenance & Repair - Motor Vehicles Reproduction & Printing Services

Employee Training Services

Medical Supplies Student-related Events
Electronically Transmitted Communication Services Memberships and Dues*** Subscription & Periodicals - e-books, magazines, journals)
Fabrics & Linens Office Supplies*** Technology Accessories***
Fees Parts - furnishings & Equipment (fleet vehicles/golf cart parts, lab & medical equipment, repair kits)  


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