Duties and Responsibilities

Credit Card Services Administrator (CCSA)

  • The Credit Card Services Administrator is charged with maintaining documentation for all PCard activity within TWU. The CCSA is an expert about the program, the guidelines, and all related forms. Cardholders should first contact the CCSA, who will answer any questions in regards to the program or potential problems, before contacting Citibank. All PCard requests must go through the CCSA or their designee.
  • The Credit Card Services Administrator will review the usage of the PCards and cancel cards based on non-usage in order to limit the University’s liability. The review should be done at least twice a year and take into consideration if the existing limits are appropriate for cardholders.

Credit Card Services Administrator

Becky Myatt

TWU Denton, Bralley Annex - 1st Floor, room 102B



Account Approver

  • The account approver, or their designee, is responsible for designating cardholders and approving all transactions on the monthly PCard statements of cardholders to ensure they are within TWU policy.
  • The account approver is responsible for reviewing departmental accounts to ensure the charge account is funded and that the expense is allowable on that account.
  • They are also responsible for attending and completing PCard approver training as applicable.


  • The cardholder is responsible for: 
    • signing a Cardholder Agreement Form to acknowledge all responsibilities associated with using a PCard.
    • following the purchasing guidelines of TWU.
    • selecting vendors according to TWU guidelines.
    • attending and completing training.
    • ensuring the physical security of the card and protecting it from being shared.
    • reviewing department accounts to ensure it contains funds to cover the charge.
    • reviewing monthly statements for accuracy.
    • reconciling transactions monthly.
    • verifying a vendor's hold status for all purchases over $500. 

Citibank Customer Service

  • a team of Citibank customer service reps dedicated to assisting State of Texas PCard cardholders
  • available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • will assist cardholders with general questions about a PCard account
  • contact them immediately at 800-248-4553 if a card is lost or stolen 

Reconciler (Department PCards only)

  • The reconciler is responsible for:
    • signing a Departmental Cardholder/Reconciler Agreement Form to acknowledge the responsibilities associated with using a Departmental PCard.
    • following TWU purchasing guidelines.
    • obtaining Departmental Delegate Agreement form for each individual who uses the card and submitting the form(s) monthly with the reconciliation and receipts.
    • maintaining the monthly Check-Out Form and submitting it monthly with the reconciliation and receipts.
    • attending and completing training.
    • the security of the card. 
    • making sure the departmental account used for a transaction has funds to cover the transaction.
    • submitting monthly reconciliation and required documentation by the deadline. 

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