Purchasing FAQs

Can I combine punch-out items and non-catalog items on one requisition?

No, if you have both punch-out and non-catalog items, you have two options:  

Option 1:              You can enter everything as non-catalog. If you choose this option, you will need to enter the manufacturer part number and the entire item description.

Option 2:             You can enter 2 requisitions – one on Tejas punch-out so the manufacture part number and description is automatically entered for you and one for your non-catalog items.

  • ***If you do combine them, your requisition will be returned***

Do I need a quote if I’m ordering through punch-out?

  • Yes, all Tejas orders require a quote, including punch-out orders.

Where should I attach the quote or other documents when creating a requisition?

  • Please attach all documents to the requisition header and choose “To Buyer”.
  • DO NOT attach any documents to the line.

How can I change the Natural Account/Category?

  • The ONLY way to update the Natural Account is to update the Category name and click save.

How long will it take to process my requisition in Cloud once my department approver has approved?

  • Procurement has 5 business days to review requisitions and approve to PO and send to vendor.

What do I do if my requisition is a RUSH and needs to be send to the vendor before 5 days?

  • Procurement tries to process POs and send to the vendors as quickly as possible, however, we understand there are times that a rush request is needed. If that is the case please email procure@twu.edu and reference the requisition number and explain why rush processing is needed.

There is a signature line on the quote I received but the vendor said it’s not required to be signed and a Purchase Order is acceptable how can I let the buyer know this?

  • Attach the document (or email) from vendor stating a signature is not needed to the requisition along with the quote.

The dates in the description of my purchase order have changed. Does that require a POCN (Purchase Order Change notice)?

  • The PO must match the invoice. Any information you have given in your description must match the incoming invoice. Any changes in these would require a POCN to be generated.

What is a HUB vendor and where do I find them?

  • Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program. The University is committed to a good faith effort to increase purchases from and contract awards to HUB firms consistent with the State’s goals for HUB participation and overall economic development. HUB groups are Native American, Asian Pacific American, Black American, Hispanic American, Service Disabled Veteran, American Woman (all women excluding the other above named women groups.) Contact our office if you need help finding HUB vendors.  

Who do we contact for help with our copier?

  • For inquiries about, or to report issues with a copier or to request a new one, email procure@twu.edu for assistance.

For ImageNet Copiers:

  • There is a sticker on the front of the machine with a phone number (800-937-2647) and website (www.imagenetconsulting.com). When you call the number, you will need to tell them what supplies you need and the alpha numeric ID number from the copier (this will let them know the pertinent information about the copier and where to mail supplies).
  • Meter reads: Call 800-937-2647, select option 9 and then option 3.
  • For toner recycle contact meters@imagenetconsulting.com and fill out the online information form to have toner cartridges picked up.

For Canon or Xerox copiers, contact procure@twu.edu for assistance.

If my approver does not receive my requisition to approve in Cloud what do I do? 

  • You can review the approval by clicking the link that says "pending approval" in manage requisitions and if there is an error message and it doesn't show any approver that means the approver is not set up in the system for the account you are using so you will need to enter an Oracle Cloud ticket and ask they set up the approver. Once you receive notification the approver has been set up you will need to edit the requisition (so it brings it back to your que) and resubmit and it should go to the new approver that has been set up. 


Page last updated 11:37 AM, February 29, 2024