Contract FAQ's

What is a Contract?

A Contract is a legally binding written agreement where a Supplier provides goods and/or services in accordance with the established price, terms, and conditions. A contract is any document that requires a signature by TWU personnel. Only certain individuals in TWU are authorized to sign contracts. See Contract Signature Matrix.

What is a “contract package”?  The contract package consists of:

A contract package contains the document(s) requiring signature and all supporting documentation. The required supporting documentation depends on what type of service/good the contract is for. All required documentation for each contract type can be found on our supporting documentation resource page.

The contract package can consist of:

  • Contract, Agreement, Quote or whatever document requires signature
  • Risk Assessment (for IT/Software services)
  • VPAT/ACR (for IT/Software services)
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Food Justification
  • EIR Exemption Form

Why is the entire contract package returned if only one document is missing?

If the contract package is incomplete or if the information entered on the contract routing ticket is incorrect, the ticket will be rejected back along with a comment of what all is missing or needs to be fixed. After entering your ticket into the TDX system, edits cannot be made and incorrect information affects the routing for approval. You will need to re-enter the ticket with the correct information and upload all required documentation in order for Procurement to approve your ticket to move it onto the other routing approvals. 

Why does it take up to 20 - 30 business days to process a contract?

There are multiple steps to the review process, including review by Procurement, Risk Management, ITS, Data Accessibility and Data Management.

How long does it take to process a contract that must be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel?

Please allow 2 -4 additional months to process contracts that need Office of General Counsel Review (OGC).

Why can’t a contract be signed the same day it is submitted?

The contract must be reviewed to ensure compliance is met and this process takes time.

Do I need a Contract Routing Sheet (CRS)?

No. The TDX Contract Routing Ticketing System replaces the old Contract Routing Sheet (effective November 1, 2023)

Do I contact Risk Management to review insurance requirements?

You only need to contact Risk Management in advance of entering your ticket into TDX Contract Routing System if you are requesting a waiver of insurance. You need to obtain a copy of the supplier's Certificate of Insurance (COI) and upload it to your ticket. The ticket will route to Risk Management for review and approval and if they need anything they will reach out and let you know what is needed. 

Contracts for goods or Guest Lecturers do not require insurance review, therefore do not need Risk Management approval. 

Who can sign a contract?

The only persons authorized to sign a contract are the Chief Procurement Officer, VP of Finance & Administration & CFO, or the Chancellor.  Academic contracts are signed by the Provost.;

Please refer to the Contract Signature Authority Matrix for signature guidelines. 

Can I sign a quote?


What happens if someone other than the authorized signers for TWU signs a contract, quote, etc.?

All TWU employees (including faculty, staff, and students) should be aware that the University is under no obligation for payment without an approved and signed purchase order generated in Procurement and Contract Services. Any employee, who makes a financial commitment (verbal or written) to suppliers, consultants, students, etc., is acting outside of established procedures. Any such unauthorized action does not obligate the University and may inure a personal obligation to the third party.

Should I obtain the suppliers signature on my contract to help speed up the process?

No. The Procurement and Contracts group will send any document that requires signature out after all has been reviewed and any edits are made.

Which contracts require a risk assessment?

All contracts for software, including Mobile Apps, licenses, web applications or cloud service must be assessed for risk.

How do I contact ITS regarding risk assessments?

You must submit a ticket to ITS at the link below. You must include a copy of the contract when submitting your ticket. ITS is required to review and approve all software/ITS service contracts even if a risk assessment is required or not. 

Link to request a risk assessment: 

Do risk assessments expire?

Yes, high-risk software must be reviewed every year and low-risk software must be reviewed every other year. And all Risk Assessments must include the TX-RAMP Certificate or waiver.

Which contracts require a VPAT/ACR?

All contracts for software, including Mobile Apps, licenses, web applications or cloud services must be reviewed by the Data Accessibility Team. This ensures that all digital information can be accessible to everyone regardless of ability.

Where do I get a VPAT/ACR?

The supplier will provide that for you.

How do I access the TWU Contract Templates?

The contract templates that are approved are located on our website - under Forms and Instructions - Contracts 

Which contracts/agreements need to be reviewed by OGC?

OGC is required to review a contract unless one of these three (3) things apply:

  • The contract/agreement is submitted on an OGC-approved contract template and the supplier hasn’t requested edits to the template
  • The contract/agreement is a renewal of a previously approved contract/agreement;
  • The contract/agreement Is on a Cooperative Contract

Further detail can be found on the Contract Signature Authority Matrix

Do I send my contract to OGC before submitting it to TWU Contracts?

No, Procurement and Contract Services will evaluate the contract and determine if it should be reviewed by OGC.

Who sends a copy of the signed contract to the supplier?

Procurement and Contract Services will send a copy of the signed contract to the vendor, along with the approved purchase order.

Why do I need to check if a supplier is an employee or past employee?

TWU cannot pay a former employee for the provision of goods or services before the first anniversary of the employee’s last date of employment.

Can we sign a contract with a student?

No. Students are paid via check request.

Can I ask the supplier if they will accept our Purchase Order in lieu of having a contract signed?

Yes! Please try to negotiate with the supplier to allow a signed Purchase Order for the goods or services in lieu of signing off on their terms and conditions. Its a much faster method for the supplier to get paid and for you to get your service and/or goods! All we need is the email from supplier stating they do not require signature on contract - attached to requisition. 

When should I enter a requisition for my contract? 

You should enter your requisition for your total contract amount as soon as procurement has approved your ticket in TDX for contract routing. Do not wait until after service has been provided to enter your requisition as that would then become an after the fact purchase.

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