Contract FAQ's

What is a Contract?

A Contract is a legally binding written agreement where a Vendor provides goods and/or services and TWU pays for such goods and/or services in accordance with the established price, terms, and conditions. A contract is any document that requires a signature by TWU personnel.

What is a “contract package”?  The contract package consists of:

  • The Contract Routing Sheet –all signatures must be a wet signature or digital such as Adobe or Docusign
  • Contract, Agreement, Quote or whatever needs to be signed
  • Risk Assessment, if the contract is for software/IT related services
  • Sole source form, if applicable
  • Certificate of Insurance, if applicable
  • Food Justification, if applicable

Where do I send the contract package?

Email all contract paperwork to

Why is the entire contract package returned if only one document is missing?

If the contract package is incomplete, it cannot be processed; therefore, the entire package is returned along with a document indicating exactly what is missing.

Why does it take up to 10 - 15 business days to process a contract?

There are multiple steps to the review process, including review by Procurement and Risk Management.

How long does it take to process a contract that must be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel?

Please allow 4 - 6 additional weeks to process contracts that need Office of General Counsel Review (OGC).

Why can’t a contract be signed the same day it is submitted?

The contract must be reviewed to ensure compliance is met and this process takes time.

Do I need a Contract Routing Sheet (CRS)?

Yes, a Contract Routing Sheet (CRS) should be completed for every contract submitted.

All Contract Routing Sheets need to be filled out and signed by the account approvers.

Do I contact Risk Management to review insurance requirements?

No. TWU Contracts department will work with Risk Management for review of insurance requirements.

Who can sign a contract?

The only persons authorized to sign a contract are the Chief Procurement Officer, VP of Finance & Administration & CFO, or the Chancellor.   Academic contracts are signed by the Provost. 

Please refer to the TWU Signature Matrix for signature guidelines.

Can I sign a quote?


What happens if someone other than the authorized signers for TWU signs a contract, quote, etc.?

All TWU employees (including faculty, staff, and students) should be aware that the University is under no obligation for payment without an approved and signed purchase order generated in Procurement and Contract Services. Any employee, who makes a financial commitment (verbal or written) to vendors, consultants, students, etc., is acting outside of established procedures. Any such unauthorized action does not obligate the University and may inure a personal obligation to the third party.

Should I obtain the vendor’s signature?


Which contracts require a risk assessment?

All contracts for software, including Mobile Apps, licenses and web applications must be assessed for risk.

How do I contact ITS regarding risk assessments?

You must submit a ticket to ITS at the link below.   You must include a copy of the contract and contract routing sheet when submitting your ticket.  ITS is required to sign the CRS whether a risk assessment is required or not.  Their signature confirms that their department performed due diligence as required by the state of Texas.

Link to request a risk assessment: .  

Do risk assessments expire?

Yes, high-risk software must be reviewed every year and low-risk software must be reviewed every other year.

How do I access the TWU Contract Templates?

Email if you need to obtain a copy of a TWU Contract Template.

Which contracts need to be reviewed by OGC?

OGC is required to review a contract unless one of these three (3) things apply:

  • Is less than $40,000; AND the contract is submitted on an OGC-approved contract template     and the vendor hasn’t requested edits to the template
  • The contract/agreement is a renewal of a previously approved contract/agreement;
  • Is on a Cooperative Contract

Do I send my contract to OGC before submitting it to TWU Contracts?

No, Procurement and Contract Services will evaluate the contract and determine if it should be reviewed by OGC.

Who sends a copy of the signed contract to the vendor?

Procurement and Contract Services will send a copy of the signed contract to the vendor, along with the approved purchase order.

Why do I need to check if a vendor is an employee or past employee?

TWU cannot pay a former employee for the provision of goods or services before the first anniversary of the employee’s last date of employment.

Can we sign a contract with a student?

No. Students are paid via check request.

Page last updated 10:15 AM, April 30, 2022