PCard Guidelines

PCard Limits

  • Most single purchases are limited to $2,500 per vendor per business day. A transaction includes the purchase price plus any associated freight or installation.
    • Cardholders should NOT attempt to make a purchase greater than the transaction limits, and transactions may not be split to divide a larger purchase which would go over the cardholder’s single purchase limit. For example, a cardholder may not make two separate transactions with the same vendor in order to bypass transaction limits, which would total an amount over the single purchase limit of $2,500. Split transactions WILL result in suspension or cancellation of card privileges.

Use of the Card

  • The PCard may be used at any vendor that accepts MasterCard and does not have restricted MCC code. The PCard may be used for in-store purchases, telephone and internet orders.
  • Any items purchased via the PCard MUST be shipped to a TWU address.
  • Cardholders may NOT purchase restricted items.
  • The use of the PCard to pay for a purchase does not exempt the University or its officers and employees from the purchasing requirements of state law and the State Procurement Division (SPD).
  • The PCard must be returned to the University’s Procurement Card Coordinator or a designee immediately upon termination. If the Cardholder transfers departments, they are REQUIRED to contact the Coordinator to obtain a new Authorization Form that updates important information.
  • Cards not used for a period of six (6) months WILL be closed per the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Program Administrator Guide – Best Practices and Operations for the State of Texas Charge Card Program. Cardholders must wait six (6) months to reapply

Restricted Vendors

The State of Texas requires Citibank to block certain types of vendors from procurement card use.  Vendors are assigned a Merchant Category Code (MCC) based on the type of business they operate.  The PCard program is restricted from use with certain type of supplier and merchants. 

Prohibited Merchant Category Codes (MCC)

Please note that many vendors who operate within acceptable Merchant Category Codes may sell some items that are restricted from purchase with the PCard.  Just because the vendor sells it does not mean the Cardholder can buy it. Check the List of Prohibited MCCs [doc]. 

Restricted Purchases

The State of Texas restricts certain purchases on PCards. Cardholders that purchase restricted items WILL be subject to disciplinary action. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to be aware of the policies governing restricted purchases. If you have a question about what is considered a restricted purchase, please contact the Program Coordinator BEFORE you make the purchase. See the Restricted Purchases for more information.

Vendor in Good Standing

Per the Texas Government Code (section 403.055), state agencies are not allowed to do business with or make payments to entities that are on “warrant hold” (also called “credit hold” or “vendor hold”) with the State of Texas until the causing situation is resolved and the hold is lifted. As a Cardholder, you are REQUIRED to research the vendor’s hold status before making any purchase by visiting the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website

Purchases from historically underutilized business - (HUBs)

As with other means of procurement, cardholders are strongly encouraged to make credit card purchases from certified HUBs.  These purchases are tracked and monitored.  Cardholders can directly access the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts HUB vendor files.


A Food Purchase Justification form is required for all food purchases with the following exceptions:

  • Food purchased for research purposes in a lab or classroom
  • Food purchased for consumption by animals

Office Supplies

Texas Woman's University is proud to recommend Summus as the preferred office supply vendors for the University and encourages you to sign up for access and use your PCard for all your office supply needs.

Security of the Procurement Card

The Cardholder is responsible for the security of the PCard.  This card shall be treated with the same level of care as the cardholder would with his/her own personal credit cards.  The card should be maintained in a secure location.  The only authorized individual to use the PCard is the cardholder whose name appears on the card. Cardholders who allow other employees or students to use their cards WILL have their PCard permanently cancelled.

Sales and Use Tax

Texas Woman’s University is tax exempt.  The Cardholder is responsible for ensuring that sales and use taxes are not charged.  TWU’s tax identification number is 75-6002618.  Wallet size tax exempt certificate cards are available in Procurements Services. 

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