PCard Guidelines

PCard Limits
  • The PCard has a single transaction limit. This is the amount allowed for a single transaction. A transaction includes the purchase price plus freight, installation, and/or any other expenses associated with that transaction. Cardholders should not attempt to make a purchase greater than their allowed maximum single transaction limit.  
  • Contact ccservices@twu.edu for information regarding your single transaction limit.
  • Submit a request through Concur for changes to purchase limits. 
  • Allow 2 to 4 working days to process if request is approved. 
  • Exceptions to the maximum single transaction limit are uncommon but can be made with pre-authorized approval of the Credit Card Services Administrator. 
  • Cardholders should NOT attempt to make a purchase greater than the transaction limits, and transactions may not be split to divide a larger purchase which would go over the cardholder’s single purchase limit. For example, a cardholder may not make two separate transactions with the same vendor where those transactions would total more than the single purchase limit. Split transactions will result in suspension or full cancellation of card privileges. 
Using the PCard
  • The PCard may be used at any supplier that accepts MasterCard and is not restricted by the State of Texas. The PCard may be used for in-store purchases, telephone, or internet orders. 
  • Any items purchased with the PCard must be shipped to a TWU address.*  
  • Cardholders may not purchase restricted items. 
  • The use of the PCard to pay for a purchase does not exempt the University or its officers and employees from the purchasing requirements of state law and the State Procurement Division (SPD). 
  • Individual PCards must be canceled immediately upon separation or termination of employment. The employee must submit a request in Concur to cancel their card prior to their last day of employment. All transactions must be reconciled prior to departing the university.
  • Department PCards: upon separation or termination of employment, the primary reconciler or their supervisor must submit a request in Concur to assign the PCard to another primary reconciler.  

*Some exceptions may apply with written pre-approval from the Credit Card Services Administrator.  

Vendor in Good Standing

Per the Texas Government Code (section 403.055), state agencies are not allowed to do business with nor make payments to entities that are on "Vendor Hold" with the State of Texas until the reason for the hold is resolved and the hold is lifted. As a Cardholder, you are required to research the supplier’s hold status before making any purchase of $500 or more by visiting the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Vendor Hold Search site.

Sales and Use Tax

TWU, as an agency of the State of Texas, is exempt from paying sales tax within the State of Texas. The cardholder should carry and present a TWU tax exemption card with their PCard. 

The tax exemption card is provided to each cardholder. If sales tax is charged, notify the supplier immediately to credit the PCard for the sales tax portion. Attach the credit receipt to the documentation to reflect that no sales tax was paid. 

If unable to get the tax credit back from the supplier, cardholders are responsible for reimbursing TWU. In order to properly reimburse TWU for a Restricted Item PCard purchase, follow the steps below: 

  • Complete the Reimbursement for Personal or Non-Reimbursable Expenses Transmittal Form (found on Procurement Services web page) with the required information. See instructions on page 1 of the form.
  • When preparing the form, please be sure to apply the reimbursement to account number (chart string) 111.00000.00000.12012.000.0000000000 when reconciling the original PCard charge. 
  • Submit the completed form and payment to the Bursar's Office for processing. 
  • Submit all paperwork associated with this transaction (copy of the processed payment form and original receipt from the supplier) to concur@twu.edu 
Security of the Procurement Card

The cardholder/reconciler is responsible for the security of the card. The PCard, card number and PIN information should not be posted in a work area. The PCard should be kept in a secure location at all times.  

The only person authorized to use the individual PCard is the one whose name appears on that card. 

The card is to be used for business purposes only, and TWU has disciplinary procedures related to unauthorized use of the PCard. Please see the non-compliance section of the PCard website for further details.

The reconcilers are responsible for managing the use of the department PCard by authorized users and all supporting documentation. 

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