PCard FAQs

Why is Procurement Services Office so rigid about the deadline date?

It’s all about processing time; our goal is to have all charges posted to the general ledger for the previous months’ statements before the current month is received. The average amount of time it takes to accurately and completely reconcile 300+ individual statements against the master statement and post those charges to the general ledger is 22 days. When paperwork is missing processing and posting to the general ledger cannot occur.

What is the deadline date for the Procurement Services Office?

Online Electronic Approval, Statement, and Supporting Documentation MUST be received in the Coordinator’s office by the 20th of the month (if the 20th falls on a weekend, documentation MUST be received by the preceding Friday). Documentation received after the deadline will result in an automatic 30-day suspension for the first offense.

What is a split purchase?

Breaking a purchase into multiple charges to circumvent the single purchase limit is a split purchase.

  • Examples:
    Four different registrations in the amount of $650.00 for 4 different people to the same event is a split purchase.
    A $1,100.00 charge to vendor A on Tuesday and a $1,500.00 to the same vendor on Wednesday is a split purchase.
  • Rule of thumb:
    If you were using a purchase order would you break it into multiple orders or just use one?  If your answer is just one, then you need to input a requisition if the amount exceeds $2,500.

What do I do if I don’t realize I’ve been charged tax until after the fact?

You may contact the vendor to obtain a credit, although you must note that you have done such in the expense description. If you do not get a credit for the tax, you MUST complete Cash Receipt Transmittal Form to reimburse TWU only at Bursar’s Office include last 4 digits of your card number, month of charge, and same complete departmental account number including object code as you used in the expense description, a personal check (no cash). Attach a copy of the receipt from Bursar’s Office and submit with monthly paperwork.

Why does the Account Approver/Manager have to log onto Global Card Management System (GCMS) and approve the Expense Report?

The Account Approver/Manager is the custodian of specific funds and should therefore authorize and approve any expenses against those funds.

In GCMS, why is it so important to select Reporting Cycle as opposed to Date Range?

Selecting Reporting Cycle in GCMS is the only way to ensure that you will balance for the current month.  Citibank posting dates are variable and some transactions may not post to current statement on time.

Why do I need a detailed description on the transaction summary?

The Procurement Services Office must verify transactions have the appropriate object code.  If your description is vague and the sales receipt is also vague we would have no way of knowing what was actually purchased.

What order should I send my receipts?

Receipts must be in same order as the expenses appear on the GCMS website.

Do I need receipts for each transaction on the PCard?

Yes, both Debit and Credit require receipts.

What if one of my faculty members is at a store and they call me to get my purchasing card number; what should I do?

Do not give it to them, this is your card. The PCard is NOT a departmental card.

What should I do if my card is declined?

Contact the customer service number on the back of your card to determine the reason for the decline. If it is determined that the vendor has a restricted merchant category code (MCC) you will need to take your business elsewhere.

Why are gift certificates or gift cards NOT allowed on the Purchasing Card?

These items are taxable to the recipient and it is administratively infeasible to assess and collect the required taxes and fringe benefits.

Are purchases allowed through PayPal?

PayPal purchases are allowed for purchasing approved goods. Cardholders must insure that online purchases are completed through a secure website and must obtain a payment receipt that indicates the vendor received payment. Transfer of funds to an individual is not allowed.

How do I make corrections after transactions have been reviewed?

Instructions for making changes in GCMS: To unlock a line the approver will need to take the check mark off the Approved box and save then take the check mark off the Reviewed box and save. This will enable you to make changes to the transactions.

  • When complete, check Reviewed and save and Approved and save.
  • Scan and send to YOUR TWU email address, then forward to pcardlog@twu.edu; preferred method (you must send information from a TWU email address)

Are Registrations allowed on PCard?

Yes. Statement of business purpose if charges were made for a meeting, social event, registration or food (MUST include the 5 Ws:  Who? What? Where? When? Why?)

Are Memberships allowed on PCard?

Yes. See the full policy and procedure.

Who do I call for password reset?

You call the number on the back of your card and have Citibank send you a temporary password.

What is the preferred method to send receipts and all supporting documentation?

Scan and send to YOUR TWU email address, then forward to pcardlog@twu.edu; preferred method (you must send information from a TWU email address)

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