PCard FAQs

In what ways do I benefit from using the PCard?
When you use the PCard, you enjoy reduced paperwork, quick and efficient order processing, faster delivery, no prompt payment interest, no phone calls from vendors asking where their money is, and the ability to monitor purchases online throughout the month instead of waiting for invoices to arrive. 

How does TWU benefit from the PCard Program?
When employees use the PCard, TWU enjoys greater productivity as a result of reduced paperwork and savings from consolidated multiple vendor invoices on one statement from Citibank.

What should I do if my PCard is lost or stolen?
Call Citibank Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-248-4553 immediately to report the PCard missing and request a replacement. Then call the TWU Credit Card Services Administrator at 940-898-3545 to advise them that you have called Citibank.

What if a purchase is denied?
Your purchase may have exceeded a spending or transaction limit, used a TWU excluded type of merchant, or the vendor is not equipped to accept MasterCard as payment. Contact your Credit Card Services Administrator at 940-898-3545 to determine the reason.

Is it possible for someone else to use my individual card?
No, it is not possible for someone else to use your individual card. According to the Cardholder Agreement you signed, you are responsible for all charges and the safekeeping of the card.

However, the cardholder may purchase a registration for a conference or seminar for someone else on their card. Please note, the Cardholder may not purchase multiple registrations to the same conference/seminar if the total amount exceeds the single transaction limit. 

What is the advantage of a Departmental PCard over an Individual PCard?
A departmental PCard is controlled by only two reconcilers – the primary and secondary – but any authorized individual in the department can use the card. 

Will use of the PCard affect my credit report?
No. The PCard is a corporate liability card and carries no personal liability for cardholders.

Whom should I contact to resolve an error or dispute concerning my account?
Contact the vendor first. Most issues can be resolved between you and the vendor. If the cardholder or department is unsuccessful in resolving any disputes with the vendor, contact Citibank Customer Service at 1-800-248-4553 to dispute any charges. Citibank will obtain all necessary information from the cardholder.

When I use my PCard to make a purchase, how is the transaction authorized?
The vendor verifies the account number with Citibank, and your spending limits are checked automatically against preset TWU limits.

What about TWU being tax exempt?
The card is identified as a "State of Texas" official business, tax-exempt card. You are encouraged to advise the vendor (at the time of order or check out) that the purchase is to be tax exempt. You must present the TWU tax-exempt card you were given by Procurement and Contract Services when making a purchase.

Can I use Venmo on PCard?
No, Venmo does not provide enough information regarding the transaction.

Page last updated 6:13 PM, January 5, 2023