Purchasing Process

For all allowable items, the most cost effective method for purchasing services, supplies and equipment is through the use of the State issued procurement card. The non-allowable items list and purchase limits may be accessed at www.twu.edu/procurement/procurement-card-pcard-program-/pcard-guidelines-/

For those items that are not allowable expenses on the procurement card, most purchases require the input of a requisition. A requisition is initiated by the department and processed through Procurement and Contract Services. Once a requisition is approved, departments should allow a minimum of 5 business days for that requisition to be converted to a purchase order.

Once a purchase order has been created it will be sent directly to the vendor via electronic mail (preferred), the United States Postal Service or facsimile. An electronic notification will transmit to the requester advising them of the purchase order number. Any documents or information relating to this purchase must reference the PO number.

All TWU employees (including faculty, staff, and students) should be aware that the University is under no obligation for payment without an approved and signed purchase order generated in Procurement and Contract Services. An online requisition is not an official purchase order and should not be used or construed as such.  Any employee, who makes a financial commitment (verbal or written) to vendors, consultants, students, etc., is acting outside of established procedures. Any such unauthorized action does not obligate the University, and may inure a personal obligation to the third party.

Upon the receipt of goods or services, the department or Central Receiving (depending on where the goods are physically received) must enter a receipt in the Oracle Financial System before payment can be processed. State of Texas prompt payment law states that payments are made 30 days after either goods are received or the invoice is received – whichever occurs last. Therefore, accurate input of the date the goods or service was received is vital.

Page last updated 10:05 AM, November 30, 2017