Obtaining a PCard

A PCard is a privilege granted to full time TWU faculty and staff and must be used in a responsible and appropriate manner. Therefore, in order to obtain a PCard, an applicant must complete a training module before receiving the PCard. Procurement Services staff will gladly assist potential cardholders in determining how a PCard can help streamline their purchasing needs. 

Below are the steps necessary to obtain a PCard (both department and individual): 

  1. The employee will submit a request through Concur. 
  2. If approved, the employee will be emailed the link to the training and quiz in Bridge. 
  3. Upon successful completion of the Bridge training course and when the e-signed PCard Agreement form is received in Procurement Services, we will send the PCard (individual or department card) and Tax Exemption Card to you via intercampus mail. 
  4. All cardholders will attend refresher training when a new PCard is issued due to fraudulent activities, card expiration, card suspension, or once a year, whichever comes first.

Activating the PCard

The cardholder/reconciler must call Citibank to activate the PCard and establish a PIN before using the PCard.

Page last updated 4:38 PM, April 12, 2024