Obtaining a PCard

Obtaining a PCard is a privilege granted to faculty and staff with a full time status that must be used in a responsible and appropriate manner. Therefore, in order to obtain a PCard, an applicant must attend a Training Session in its use before receiving the PCard. Procurement Services staff will gladly assist potential cardholders in determining how a PCard can help streamline their purchasing needs.

Below are the steps necessary in order to obtain a PCard:

  1. The prospective cardholder will email application requests to pcardapp@twu.edu. For security purposes, the application is not available online. (You must send this request from a TWU email address.) 
  2. You will receive the Citibank Application and the Cardholder Authorization form from the PCard Coordinator. These forms will provide Procurement Services with necessary information about:
    • The Cardholder
    • The default account for payments (with the exception of friends accounts, a fund 19 may NOT be used as the default account)
    • The Account Approver/Manager’s authorization of your Application and subsequent designation of your delegated purchasing authority within the procedures of Texas Woman’s University.
  3. The Cardholder will submit the completed Citibank Application and signed Cardholder Authorization form to the PCard Coordinator.
  4. When the card arrives in Procurement Services, the Coordinator will contact the Cardholder.  In order for the PCard to be issued, applicants need to bring a valid photo I.D. to the session for identification and sign the Cardholder Agreement Form.
  5. The card MUST be activated by dialing the number located on the card from a TWU phone number.  


Training will be provided in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

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