Supplier FAQ's

How do I know if a supplier is registered?

Login to Oracle and go to Tools. Click the Reports and Analytics App. Filter by “Active Suppliers” to pull up the report.

Where do I find the link for supplier registration?

The supplier registration link(s) can be found on the Procurement Services website at Supplier Registration | Procurement Services | TWU

Do employees need to have a supplier number?

Employees do not need a supplier number in Oracle. Employee reimbursements are processed in Concur.

How do suppliers update their information?

They need to set up their supplier portal. Once set up they can change/update any pertinent information that pertains to their company. All changes go to the Supplier Services Administrator for review and approval.           

Who can the supplier contact if they have questions regarding their registration?           

They can email                                                                    

Page last updated 4:17 PM, February 28, 2024