Important Points of the PCard Program

The following important points should be reviewed before using the PCard:
  • A PCard is issued in either your name or the department’s name. All purchases made on the Individual PCard must be made by you, the cardholder, or by an authorized user with the Department PCard. You are responsible for the security of the PCard and the transactions made with it. If you do not follow the guidelines when using the PCard, you may receive disciplinary action. 
  • The PCard may be used with most vendors that accept MasterCard and are not on hold with the state of Texas. It may be used for in-store purchases, telephone orders, or internet purchases. Some in-store purchases may require inputting your chosen PIN. 
  • The PCard may be used to purchase supplies within delegated limits. 
  • Prior to making a charge you MUST seek approval for applicable expenses for Human Resources (job listings), Marketing and Communications (advertising/social media), Information Technology (technology purchases), Facilities (furniture). 
  • Monthly reconciliation of charges is required to ensure all charges are accounted for and accurate. Online account reconciliation must be completed, submitted and approved in Concur by the 13th of each month. If the deadline falls on a weekend or a holiday, the due date will be the preceding business day.  
  • The PCard is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate procurement or payment regulations and procedures. This program complements the existing processes available, it does not replace them. 
  • The PCard is NOT for personal use. 
  • All orders must be shipped to a TWU address.*  
  • PCards must be cancelled immediately upon separation from or termination of employment. The employee and the department head are both responsible for immediately notifying the Office of Procurement and Contract Services of the employee’s separation/termination. 
  • When a primary reconciler transfers or leaves, the department is required to contact the Credit Card Services Administrator to request a Department Agreement form. 
  • In the event the employee no longer has a need for the PCard due to a job status change, even in the same job position, the cardholder must submit a card change request in Concur. The employee and the department head are both responsible for notifying the Credit Card Services Administrator of the employee’s changes in job status. 
  • Personnel (account managers and cardholders) must attend training workshops for purchasing guidelines, appropriate card use, and online reconciliation procedures. Training records will be maintained in the Office of Procurement and Contract Services. 
  • All cardholders will attend refresher training when a new card is issued due to fraudulent activities, card expiration, card suspension, or once a year, whichever comes first. 

*Some exceptions may apply with pre-approval from the Credit Card Services Administrator.  

Page last updated 4:04 PM, September 4, 2021