Student Resources

TWU provides hundreds of resources and organizations to help you succeed in class. As a dual credit student, you have full access to any and all resources provided to TWU students. Starting places to finding the help you need include:

Write Site

You can receive up to four hours per week of appointment time (

  • Individualized or group face-to-face writing instruction
  • Help at any stage of the writing process (pre-writing, brainstorming, drafting, organization, revision, etc.)
  • Online writing instruction through the Online Writing Lab
  • Workshops or seminars related to thesis development, documentation, plagiarism and other topics
  • Tutoring centers are not permitted to assist students with tests or examinations, including comprehensive and qualifying exams

Math Tutorial Services

The Mathematics and Technology Success Center helps TWU students achieve their educational goals with computer programs and individual or group tutoring.

MTSC is also virtual on Zoom!

Tutoring is provided to TWU students enrolled in math and technology courses or any courses with math or technology components. They also tutor those enrolled in statistics courses and courses using the statistical software SAS and SPSS.

Science Learning Resource Center

The Science Learning Resource Center (SLRC) provides review sessions in direct support of TWU classes.

SLRC features:

  • Resources include models, microscopes, computers, printing, textbooks, review tools, and molecular kits
  • A positive, encouraging study environment
  • Assistance with improving study skills and problem-solving techniques
  • Assistance with working example problems from text and/or class notes
  • Assistance with online homework

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is provided to all TWU students seeking assistance in improving their academic skills, such as:

Time management, test-taking, note-taking, general study skills, learning styles, academic motivation, navigating the University, balancing home responsibilities, having hard conversations.

Our academic coaches are also available to help you learn effectively in an online environment.

Together, you and your academic coach will determine areas of needed assistance. You will work collaboratively to identify your learning strengths to improve the defined area of performance.

Disability Services for Students

Disability Services for Students (DSS) works in partnership with students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University to eliminate or minimize barriers and facilitate inclusion on campus. DSS collaborates with all members of the University community to improve access for people with disabilities in these ways:

  1. determining and implementing reasonable academic and guest accommodations;
  2. providing education on access and inclusion;
  3. partnering with University offices to ensure meaningful physical and technological access

To contact DSS please call 940-898-3835 or email Disability Services for Students at

If you are a student with a disability that may impact class participation and anticipate the need for reasonable accommodations to meet the course requirements, please complete the Disability Services for Students Registration to begin the process.

Disability Services for Students Dual Credit FAQs

Fitness and Recreation Center

Access to the Fitness and Recreation Center costs dual credit students $80/semester. Students will go to the front desk at Fitness and Recreation to make payment and to get their membership active. This will allow access to all the below:

Our full-service fitness center; outdoor adventure equipment rental of kayaks, tents, bikes, and more; eight tennis courts just north and east of the soccer field; group exercise classes such as yoga, Pilates, and body shred; an outdoor sand volleyball court; the indoor pool at Pioneer Hall; outdoor basketball courts; our 30-foot climbing wall; personal training; specialty fitness classes*; fitness orientations

*Additional fees may apply

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