Group Exercise Classes

Texas Woman's students doing yoga outside.

Classes on the schedule are considered drop-in with no pre-registration required unless specified. However, there are limited number of spaces available and attendance is based on first-come, first-served. Many classes fill up quickly, so get here early! For our most popular classes, armbands or stamps may be used.

Virtual Group Fitness Classes

TWU Fit&Rec offers in-person and virtual group fitness classes. Fit&Rec's YouTube page has a growing library of On Demand, virtual Group X classes, free to the public. Check out our video library here: 

You can also Follow Fit and Rec's Facebook Page for all virtual group exercises classes. All virtual options listed on the group x schedule can be found on our Youtube page or posted on our Facebook page at the designated time on the schedule.

For More Information:

Matthew Arnold, Fitness and Programming Supervisor Fitness and Recreation

Group X Schedule

Fall Schedule: August 29th – December 10th


6:30 am - Tai Chi in Studio 2 with Susan
11:00 am - Deep Water at Pioneer Hall Pool with Cathy
12:00 pm - Water Works at Pioneer Hall Pool with Cathy
12:15 pm - Tight and Tone in Studio 2 with Grace
4:30 pm - Restorative Yoga in Studio 2 with Bethany
6:00 pm - HIIT: Lower in Studio 3 with Kyle
7:00 pm - Cycle in Studio 2 with Alexa
8:00 pm - Jazz Fusion in Studio 3 with Taylin


12:00 pm - Water Works at Pioneer Hall Pool with Cathy
12:15 pm - Cycle Pump in Studio 2 with Grace
6:00 pm - HIIT: Mobility in Studio 3 with Kyle
7:00 pm - Zumba in Studio 2 with Brittany


11:00 am - Deep Water at Pioneer Hall Pool with Cathy
12:00 pm - Water Works at Pioneer Hall Pool with Cathy
12:15 pm - Zumba in Studio 2 with Brittany
4:30 pm - Trikona in Studio 2 with Kyle
6:00 pm - HIIT: Speed & Agility in Studio 3 with Kyle
8:00 pm - Zumba in Studio 2 with Meredith


11:00 am - Float Yoga at Pioneer Hall Pool with Bethany
12:00 pm - Water Works at Pioneer Hall Pool with Tesse
12:15 pm - Yoga in Studio 2 with Christy
6:00 pm - HIIT: Upper in Studio 3 with Kyle


12:00 pm -  Water Works at Pioneer Hall Pool with Tesse

All virtual classes can be found on our YouTube page and our Facebook page.

Class Descriptions

Cycle: A high-intensity exercise on a stationary bike. It combines cardio and endurance in a calorie-crunching session! Not only is it great for giving you all the cardiovascular gains, but it's great at toning muscles to make you super strong.

Cycle Pump: The perfect combination! Cycling for calorie burning and strength training for toning! Great for total body training and for individuals that are wanting to build endurance for cycling. Moderate Intensity./p>

Deep Water: If you like water aerobics but want to take it a little further, this class is for you. You will meet in the deep end of the pool to work on swimming and endurance exercises while sculpting beautiful swimmer muscles!

Float Yoga: A beginner-friendly yoga class that will help get you familiar with setting up your mat in the water and getting comfortable being in the water. This class also provides modifications for stability for all levels. This class is designed to be exciting and fun. (Please note: the first 15 minutes of this class are for class prep.)

HIIT: Appropriate for all fitness levels, a HIIT workout uses short bursts of energy approaching maximal exertion with periods of rest OR low-intensity exercises. This makes it possible to burn calories, lose fat, and tone muscles in the most time-efficient way! (Upper/Lower, Mobility, and Speed and Agility are the focuses of each HIIT class.)

Jazz Fusion: Do you want to get a high cardio workout in, while being sassy? Jazz fusion offers a mix of Sassy Jazz, hip hop, and contemporary dance! Come out and join for a great fun filled time!

Restorative Yoga: Provides healing for the body and the mind. It is especially useful when you need to eliminate fatigue and stress that result from your daily activities. Many restorative yoga poses are similar to normal yoga poses, except that they are performed with the support of props. Low intensity for all.

Tai Chi: A movement art that embraces the mind, body, and spirit. The flowing movements of tai chi improve muscular strength, balance, and flexibility.

Tight and Toned: This class is geared to get you toned! All over toning exercises will tighten your body up in no time!

Trikona: A one-of-a-kind & innovative functional strength & core training program developed by Master Trainer Rebecca Clare Wyatt. An incredible mix of body weight and free weights training designed for maximum results! The toughest workout you'll ever love!

Water Works: Water exercise provides aerobic and strength conditioning at the same time. A low impact alternative. In the shallow end of the Pioneer Hall indoor pool. All fitness levels are welcome.

Yoga: This class seamlessly flows through yoga postures to incorporate vinyasa techniques and create heat in the body. Come explore what your body can do.

Zumba: A fusion of Latin & international music & dance themes that create dynamic workouts. Routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast & slow rhythms that tone & sculpt the body. Easy to follow dance moves. All fitness levels welcome!

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