Group Exercise Classes

Texas Woman's students doing yoga outside.

Classes on the schedule are considered drop-in with no pre-registration required unless specified. However, there are limited number of spaces available and attendance is based on first-come, first-served. Many classes fill up quickly, so get here early! For our most popular classes, armbands or stamps may be used.

Group X Schedule

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Allison Meguro, Assistant Director Health and Wellbeing

Summer schedule: June 1st-August 6th


11am - Deep Water in Pioneer Hall Pool with Cathy
12pm - Water Works in Pioneer Hall Pool with Cathy
12:15pm - Tight N Toned in Studio 2 with Grace
4pm - Pioneer Pump in Studio 2 with Lucia
6:30pm - Cardio Interval (virtual) with Grace


12pm - Water Works in Pioneer Hall Pool with Cathy
12:15pm - Gentle Yoga in Studio 2 with Christy
5:30pm - Yoga in Studio 2 with Bethany
6:30pm - Jazz Funk in Studio 2 with Aja


12pm - Water Works in Pioneer Hall Pool with Cathy
4pm - HIIT in Studio 2 with Emily


12pm - Water Works in Pioneer Hall Pool with Tesse
5:30pm - Pilates (virtual) with Bethany
6:30pm - Zumba in Studio 2 with Meredith


12pm - Water Works in Pioneer Hall Pool with Tesse
12:15pm - Chair Yoga (virtual) with Susan

Class Descriptions

Cardio Barre: This is a ballet inspired workout combing yoga, pilates, and strength with a spin of upbeat music and tempo. Expect to use a chair at home and feel the burn in this workout!

Cardio Interval: for anyone looking for the best cardio, strength, and power class. Your instructor will help you burn more calories, build muscle, and challenge your fitness level.

Chair Yoga: This class is perfect for all levels of fitness. It is a gentle based yoga that is done in a chair. This will be beneficial for limited mobility participants.

Deep Water: If you like water aerobics but want to take it a little further, this class is for you. You will meet in the deep end of the pool to work on swimming and endurance exercises while sculpting beautiful swimmer muscles!

Gentle Yoga: This class is not as strenuous as the other practiced forms of yoga. Gentle yoga, because of its innate gentle nature, is perfect for those who cannot meet the demands of physically straining exercises. Sessions consist of slight modifications of hatha yoga.

HIIT: (high-intensity interval training) This class is a full-body workout. It builds cardiovascular fitness while improving muscular strength and endurance. Don't worry, this class is perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced participants!

Jazz Funk: Do you like to groove while getting some cardio in? This class offers a mixture of jazz and hip-hop dance moves to create a funky dance routine. Come jam out to modern day hits and learn a fun combo!

Meditation: Need help calming and centering your mind? Try meditation! This class takes meditation step-by-step so anyone (beginners or well-practiced yogis) can unlock the serenity within. Perfect for college students to learn a form of self-care!

Pilates: Developed by Joseph Pilates, emphasizes balance through core strength, flexibility, and body awareness. This exercise was utilized by dancers to create long lean muscles. All fitness levels welcome.

Pioneer Pump: A medium-high intensity full body exercise. Interval training with active recovery periods. Done circuit style, this class will get you heart pumping and ideal for weight loss and toning.

Tight and Toned: This class is geared to get you toned! All over toning exercises will tighten your body up in no time!

Water Works: Water exercise provides aerobic and strength conditioning at the same time. A low impact alternative. In the shallow end of the Pioneer Hall indoor pool. All fitness levels welcome.

Yoga: This class seamlessly flows through yoga postures to incorporate vinyasa techniques and create heat in the body. Come explore what your body can do.

Group X Video Transcript (pdf)

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