A TWU student studies a textbook in a library setting.
Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is provided to all TWU students seeking assistance in improving their academic skills, such as:

  • Time management
  • Test-taking
  • Note-taking
  • General study skills
  • Learning styles
  • Academic motivation
  • Navigating the University
  • Balancing home responsibilities
  • Having hard conversations

Our academic coaches are also available to help you learn effectively in an online environment.

Together, you and your academic coach will determine areas of needed assistance. You will work collaboratively to identify your learning strengths to improve the defined area of performance.

Get Coaching

A male TWU student in a TWU hoody studies a textbook in a library setting.

Get Coaching

Meet with an academic coach in a 45-60 minute coaching session.

Find Resources

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Check out our Resource Library

Get connected with academic and studying resources on-campus, off-campus and online.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Theresa Lindsay
Executive Director, PCSE

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