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Dual Credit Links and Documents

What is Dual Credit?

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) defines dual credit as a system under which an eligible high school student enrolls in college course(s) and receives credit for the course(s) from both the college and high school. (Texas Administrative Code RULE §4.85)

Dual Enrollment (dual credit) allows high school students enrolled in a TWU partner district/school to be awarded both high school and college credit for courses offered by TWU applicable toward a TWU degree. Dual Credit requirements are outlined in the Texas Administrative Code Title 19, Chapter 4, Subchapter D, Dual Credit Partnerships Between Secondary Schools and Texas Public Colleges, § 4.84.

How is Dual Credit different from high school AP courses?

Both dual credit and AP courses are taught at the college level, but taking a dual credit course allows you to get college credit immediately upon successful completion of the course. In an AP course, you must pass the end-of-course AP exam with the score required by the individual colleges for awarding AP credit to be eligible to apply for college credit once you graduate from high school.

Usually, a student who took an AP course while in high school and made the required score must “petition” the college to award the credit. Some colleges may require that you attend one semester before awarding the credit. Those decisions are left to individual colleges. Check with the university you plan to attend for policies regarding courses accepted through testing and limits on the number of hours that can be earned.

Unlike AP courses, college credit for dual credit courses is awarded at the end of the semester which the passing grade was earned and transfers between public colleges and universities in the state. Many private and out of state colleges and universities also accept the dual credit hours.

Dual credit courses are taught by university faculty or adjunct faculty who hold at least a master’s degree with a minimum of 18 graduate-level hours in the subject he/she teaches. High school AP courses don’t have to meet this requirement.

What are all the forms I need to fill out to be in Dual Credit?

Forms needed to participate in the dual credit program include:

Some helpful forms include:

What classes can I take?

Check with your high school counselor to determine what courses are being offered at your school.

You can also check TWU's participating high schools to see courses offered at each school.

How do I pay for my classes?

TWU bills are not mailed but found in your Pioneer Portal account. You may pay in full or enroll in an installment plan. Failure to meet the payment deadlines may result in dropped courses or future registration restrictions.

Find instructions on how to pay for classes.

For more information on the payment process please visit the bursar’s office.

Which application do I complete to enroll to TWU full-time next year?

Even though you have completed dual credit courses, you are still considered a first time in college (FTIC) student. You will complete the freshman application for admission.

What benefits exist for dual credit students interested in attending TWU?

We encourage you to apply for available scholarships before the annual deadlines.

Explore TWU’s academic programs and involvement opportunities.

Does TWU offer technical credit as a part of the dual credit program?

TWU does not offer technical courses through the institution, only academic courses.

What do I need to do to take another course that is not on my permission form?

Complete an updated Dual Credit Permission Form with the required signatures.

What is required for homeschool students to take dual credit at TWU?

Homeschool students must meet the same eligibility requirements as students enrolled in a high school, but will need a parent or principal and the TWU Coordinator of Dual Enrollment to sign the Dual Credit Permission Form.

Homeschool students must follow the same registration deadlines set for traditional college students at TWU.

Do I need to get a TWU ID as a dual credit student?

If you are taking classes on campus, you must obtain a TWU ID for identification purposes.

If you are not in on-campus classes but wish to come to campus to use TWU's student resources or participate in on-campus activities, you may want a student ID. Visit ID Services for information on how to get a TWU student ID. Your first ID is free. 

What happens if I miss the registration deadlines?

You must adhere to the TWU Academic Calendar and all deadlines for each term. If you miss the registration period, you will have to wait until the next available registration period to sign up for dual credit courses.

Is there a late fee to register for classes during late registration?

Yes. A $50 late fee will be assessed for all enrollments on the first day of the university term beginning.

Do I need to reapply if I did not enroll in classes for the current semester?

You only need to reapply after three consecutive terms (including summer) without taking courses (including the term for which you originally applied for). Then a new ApplyTexas application will be required.

What is the process for dropping or withdrawing from a Dual Credit class?

To drop a TWU dual credit course, you must:

Dropping a TWU dual credit course at your high school or rearranging your high school schedule does not drop or withdraw you from TWU. All charges and grades will still apply unless the course(s) have been dropped officially through TWU.

Where can I find a copy of my official transcript?

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