Personal Training

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Getting Started with a Personal Trainer

The first step to personal training is finding a fit with a personal trainer.

  • Step 1: Pick one of our qualified trainers or we can pick one for you based on your goals and availability.
  • Step 2Fill out a Personal Training Registration Form at the Student Recreation Center front desk or fill out the online application form Payment is not required until the first session with your personal trainer.
  • Step 3: A personal trainer will contact you within 5 working days to set up your first appointment.

Each personal training session lasts about an hour. The first meeting is devoted to assessing fitness level, body measurements, exercise, and health history and goals.

Be prepared to step on the scale, have your body fat tested, and answer specific questions about your goals. After that, you'll spend most of your time performing aerobic activity and strength training.

Personal Training Rates

All sessions are one hour (1 Trainer, 1 Client)

TWU Faculty/
3 sessions $57 $83 $114
6 sessions $105 $159 $219
9 sessions $159 $227 $312
12 sessions $192 $288 $396

Personal Training Policies

For personal training to be effective, participants and trainers must know what the expectations are for both sides. Adhering to the following Policies and Procedures will ensure success!

Individualized fitness instruction will include:

  • Fitness and goal assessment upon the initiation of the program.  All information will be kept confidential.
  • Continued education and instruction in the components of fitness:  cardiovascular training, muscular conditioning training, flexibility and body composition.  Often, a variety of fitness-related equipment will be used based on the client’s goals and needs.
  • One to three 1 hour sessions per week with the assistance of a qualified personal trainer or fitness specialist scheduled to accommodate both the participant and the trainer.

Scheduling Sessions

Trainers and clients schedule their own appointments, independent of TWU Fitness and Recreation front desk or management staff.

Expiration Date of Training Sessions

Personal training sessions will expire six (6) months from the date of purchase unless serious extenuating circumstances prevent the client from returning. Extending the expiration date is allowed upon agreement between the client, the personal trainer, and TWU Fitness and Recreation management.

Late Policy

Clients must be dressed appropriately and ready to participate at the time of the scheduled session. The trainer is only required to wait for the client for 10 minutes. If a session begins late due to the client, the trainer has the right to deduct those minutes off of the session. The trainer is also responsible for arriving and being prepared to begin on time. Sessions will start and end on time.

Cancellation Policy

If a client must miss a scheduled personal training appointment due to illness, emergency, travel or etc., he/she should notify TWU Fitness and Recreation and / or the personal trainer at the earliest possible date and make arrangements with the trainer to reschedule the appointment. If a client does not notify TWU Fitness and Recreation and/or the personal trainer within 24 hours, he/she will be charged for that session as if he/she had used it. The trainer is also responsible for giving a client 24 hours notice if he/she needs to cancel an appointment.

First Session

The majority of a client's first session may be a consultation and/or fitness assessment with the trainer. This consultation is designed to set goals, learn more about the client and provide education.

Medical Release

After reviewing a client's lifestyle questionnaire, medical history questionnaire and/or the fitness assessment results, it may be determined that a medical release is required before personal training can continue. These guidelines for medical clearance are based on the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines.

Current Membership to TWU Fitness and Recreation

Clients must be current TWU Students or current TWU Fitness and Recreation members in order to participate in the personal training program.

Check In at the Front Desk

Clients are still required to check in at the fitness center front desk with the appropriate ID before working with the personal trainer.

Outside Personal Trainers

No outside trainers or coaches are allowed to use the facilities without prior permission by TWU Fitness and Recreation management.

Problems with Personal Training

Please inform Allison Meguro if you have any problems, questions or concerns that arise. We want this experience to be positive and successful!


Once you have completed your sessions, you may be asked to complete a brief evaluation in order to determine quality of the services rendered by the personal trainer, quality of the program, and education received.

It is also important to note what the individualized fitness instruction will NOT include:

Diagnosis, treatment, and/or rehabilitation of any health conditions and/or illnesses. Trainers may refer clients to appropriate health professionals based on the identification of potential risk factors. Personal trainers may also receive exercise, health or nutrition guidelines from appropriate health care providers in order to best meet the fitness needs of the client. Nutrition or supplement education beyond the USDA Food Guidance System. Counseling clients in areas of life beyond physical fitness

Personal Trainers

Danny Contreras (he/him)

Danny Contreras (he/him)

Bio: My fitness journey started with hip hop dance throughout high school. I've been on many award-winning hip hop teams, and have had the privilege of choreographing for the Minority Brothers Crew. I started strength training at the age of 19, and made the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blues team, the only co-ed hip hop team in the NFL! Now, I’m a 3rd-year member of the team, and I continue to enrich my dance education through strength training in the gym. Through training and dancing I have developed a diverse set of skills that I can use to help clients reach their fitness goals!

Specialties: Dance conditioning, strength and resistance training.
Major: Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Pre-PT
Mantra: Always be the best version of YOURSELF.

Lucia Creeden (she/her)

Lucia Creeden (she/her)
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Camp Gladiator Affiliate

Bio: I started working out for the wrong reasons in high school; I wanted so badly to be skinny and even joined the powerlifting team because I thought it would help me reach that goal. For the first year and a half that I competed, my eating and exercising habits were extremely disordered, but by the time I graduated I had found a balanced place and competed at my best. Unfortunately, it took me years to find balance, and I feel very strongly about helping others find that balance.

Exercise is meant to make us feel good and move well, so while athletic and aesthetic goals may be a motivating factor for all of us, the journey toward those goals should be enjoyable. As a trainer, I believe in designing programs that both align with your personal goals (strength, aesthetics, endurance, etc.) and are filled with exercises you enjoy, rather than ones you hate.

Specialties: Kettlebell training, powerlifting, and strength training
Major: Kinesiology Pre-PT
Mantra: I have the ability to stay poised and centered, regardless of what goes before me.

Greyson von Trapp (he/they)

Drake von Trapp (he/they)
Student Supervisor
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
BA in Dance Studies

Bio: As a trans-masculine person, I had harbored a fear of the gym environment and gym culture. I was always too intimidated by the gym crowd to seriously pursue fitness, and I felt like I didn’t belong. It wasn’t until I connected with another non-binary trainer that I felt comfortable starting my fitness journey. Prior to working out, I’ve worked as a dancer and entertainer for over ten years, which has cultivated my deep connection with dynamic flexibility and functional fitness.

As a trainer, it is my mission to validate the goals and boundaries of each individual, and create a safe training space for everyone. I want to challenge the standard gym culture environment and ensure those who want to start their fitness journey that they are safe and valued at the Fit & Rec.

Specialties: Dance conditioning, gender-affirming body recompositioning, flexibility, and muscle building.
Major: Dance and Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies
Mantra: It’s better to show up and give 10% than stay home and give 0.

Will Williams (he/him)

Will Williams (he/him)
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA Strength and Condition Coach

Bio: I was first exposed to fitness through pursuing sports in high school, such as football, basketball, baseball, track and field, and boxing. The performance training that goes into participating in these sports sparked my interest in weightlifting, and I was able to put my passion into practice by training my fellow teammates. After finishing school, I had the privilege of working with a concierge personal training company that allowed me to travel nation-wide and develop a diverse set of skills that make an adaptable, interdisciplinary trainer.

Through these experiences, I discovered that my true passion as a fitness professional is helping others meet their goals. As a student in the kinesiology program, I intend to use my degree, my sports background, and extracurricular education to pursue a career in athletic training. As a trainer at TWU, I will be your biggest motivator and champion!

Specialties: Sports performance training, strength and conditioning, athletic training, calisthenics
Major: Kinesiology and Exercise Science
Mantra: A successful life begins with establishing healthy habits.

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