Participating High Schools

With any school participating in the program, make sure to check with your high school guidance counselor for any additional district requirements.

Click the names of the schools below to view a list of their course offerings:

Argyle ISD

Argyle High School
Contact: Margo Bigbee
940-262-7777 ext. 2008

Aubrey ISD

Aubrey High School
Contact: Susan Holloway
940-668-3900 ext. 2019

Birdville ISD

Haltom High School
Contact: Ruth Cooper

Richland High School
Contact: David Arthurs
Contact: Vanessa Matschulat

Denton ISD

Braswell High School
Contact: Kanika McClary

Denton High School
Contact: Danielle Kading

Guyer High School
Contact: Andrea Wyatt

Ryan High School
Contact: Dr. Jennifer Carter

Little Elm ISD

Paradise ISD

Paradise High School
Contact: Cherie Gopffarth 

Other Institutions

Denton Calvary*
Contact: Shelley Hannegan 

The Koan School*
Contact: Heather Barahona

Prestonwood Christian Academy
Contact: Lauren Leininger

*The established dual credit partnership agreement with TWU allows for students at this school to enroll in courses offered at TWU's Denton campus. For available courses please view the 2019-2020 Core Curriculum.

Partner with TWU

A partnership is established through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between TWU, independent school districts, private schools, charter schools and homeschool parents. If interested in becoming a dual credit partner, contact:

Tanisha Johnson
Coordinator of Dual Enrollment and P-16 Programs
Undergraduate Studies and Academic Partnerships 

View our sample Dual Credit Partnership Agreement.

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