About your Classes

A classroom filled with students working in a classroom on TWU's Denton Campus.

Your TWU courses are college level and challenging. Some information to keep in mind before you start:

  • On average, you should study at least two hours per week for every hour of class time
    • Is it recommended you set aside six hours per week to study for a typical three-hour course
  • Pay careful attention to your instructor's course syllabus and system for assigning grades
    • If you do poorly on a test or assignment, most college instructors will not allow you to repeat or make-up the work
    • Most instructors will not award extra credit for attendance or extra work to improve grades
  • Record of your enrollment and grades earned in dual credit classes become part of your permanent academic record after the TWU Census Date (12th class day fall and spring, 4th class day summer)
  • If you find yourself doing poorly in a dual credit class, you may wish to drop the course.
    • Dropping a course, or courses, means that you will remain in at least one other course for the duration of that same term. There is a $10.00 fee for any course dropped or added once the term begins.
    • Classes may be dropped online through self-service until the end of the late registration period
    • To drop a course you must work through your high school counselor to submit a TWU Drop/Add Form before the last day for course withdrawal, which varies by semester
    • Courses withdrawn from before the Census Date will not be a part of your official transcript
    • See the Academic Calendar for drop dates and deadlines

Additional information:

  • Only courses in the TWU core curriculum are offered for dual credit through high school partners
  • TWU practices an embedded model for dual credit, by employing current district employees to serve as adjunct faculty for the university to teach the approved dual credit courses
  • Eligible instructors must have a master's degree in their teaching field or have completed 18 hours of courses in the teaching discipline and be enrolled in a master's degree program at TWU
  • Dual credit instructors work with the appropriate department chair to ensure the curriculum is aligned to meet the learning outcomes for the course

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