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Nutrition student turns capstone project into cookbook

A recipe for chickpea veggie pockets can be found in Apartment Friendly Cooking, a cookbook that’s part of a capstone research project created by Texas Woman’s senior Alexandra Mack. What makes Mack’s cookbook unique is the majority of the recipe ingredients can be found at Minerva’s Market.

In the News: Mindy Patterson

 Mindy Patterson, PhD, an associate professor in the School of Nutrition and Food Sciences was mentioned in a Nov. 8 New York Times article “Pasta and Rice May Be Healthier as Leftovers.” 

Nutrition department hosts student networking event

Texas Woman’s nutrition students will have an opportunity to meet with professionals in the food industry at a networking dinner event on Tuesday, Sept. 19. 

After climbing Earth’s highest peaks, TWU alumna sets sights on space

Texas Woman's alumna Roxanne Gonzales-Vogel a is working on cutting-edge technology that will provide nutrition for astronauts while they are working in outer space. 

Partnership aims to improve firefighters’ health, wellbeing

The Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences partners with the Denton Fire Department in conducting wellness and physical exams for its firefighters. For the last five years, Texas Woman’s faculty and students have offered these exams, which are required annually for firefighters by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).