B.A.S. in Culinary Science and Food Service Management

The B.A.S. in Culinary Science and Food Service Management and Culinology® certification program combines the art and science of food. As a student in this degree program, you will apply your culinary knowledge to nutrition, food science and research methods. This program was created by TWU in collaboration with community colleges to fulfill the growing demand for research chefs and culinary scientists.

This degree program is offered at our Denton campus.

Careers & Salaries

Earning your Culinary Science and Food Service Management degree and Culinology® certification at TWU allows you to enter the ever-changing food product development and manufacturing industries at a level above your peers. Career opportunities include:

  • Executive chef, research chef or chef scientist
  • Food service administrator in hospitals or schools
  • Food service manager
  • Business owner/entrepreneur

Salaries in these professions vary widely. Payscale.com currently lists a median annual income of $62.000 for executive chefs and $60,000 for food scientists.

Why Culinary Science and Food Service Management at TWU?

TWU offers the only Culinology program in Texas approved by the Research Chefs Association (RCA). Our Culinary Science and Food Service Management degree combines culinary arts with food science training. Upon completion of this program and after passing the exam, you will have associate’s and bachelor’s degrees and RCA’s Culinology certification, making you much more marketable in the food services industry.

Through the stature of this program, we have established business partnerships with internships and job possibilities for our graduates at several North Texas-based food companies, including PepsiCo, Yum Brands, Pizza Hut, Valdez Spice, Ben E. Keith and Tyson Foods.

Program Requirements

This bachelor’s degree program offers a well-rounded, interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on culinary arts and food science, and also incorporates other elements of food product development, such as business management, nutrition, processing technology and government regulation. You can personalize your degree program through upper-level course electives that target your desired certification as either a research chef or culinary scientist. An internship is built into the degree’s course rotation.

See full program requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

As a full-time student, you can complete the coursework for this bachelor’s degree within two years, following successful completion of your A.A.S. Accepted transfer credits depend on which community college you attended to earn your associate’s degree.

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate admission to Texas Woman’s University is based on a number of criteria including academic achievement, academic preparation and standardized test scores. An offer of admission from TWU is valid for four terms, if the applicant has not attended another institution of higher education. If students do not attend TWU within four terms, they must reapply, pay the application fee, and submit the appropriate credentials. Applicants who would like to make changes to an application should contact the Office of Admissions Processing or complete the Application Change form. For specific undergraduate admission requirements, please refer to the links below.

Residency for Tuition Purposes

TWU defines a domestic applicant as an applicant who holds one of the following:

  1. A U.S. citizenship, permanent resident card, or naturalization document (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services); or
  2. INS form Notice of Action I-797 stating that permanent residency is approved; or
  3. Permanent resident endorsement on passport.

These applicants should complete a domestic (freshman, transfer, graduate, readmit, or transient) application via ApplyTexas when completing the Application Process.

For admission purposes, Texas Woman’s University defines an international applicant as a foreign national who is or will be studying at a U.S. institution on a non-immigrant visa. These applicants must complete the ApplyTexas international application when completing the Application Process. This includes students who hold a non-immigrant visa/status and attend high school in the U.S.

International students admitted to Texas Woman’s University usually do so in an F-1 visa status. It is, however, possible to enter the U.S. on other non-immigrant visas. For questions regarding immigration status, please contact the Office of International Education at intloffice@twu.edu or 940-898-3338.

Contact Information

Office of Admissions Processing
Texas Woman’s University
P. O. Box 425649
Denton, TX 76204-5649
e-mail: oap@twu.edu
phone: 940-TWU-3076 or 1-866-809-6130; ext. 3076

For More Information

Sherry Vanatta, M.S., RDN, LD
Undergraduate Advisor

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