M.S. in Food Science and Flavor Chemistry

TWU's Master of Science in Food Science and Flavor Chemistry prepares you for a career as a flavor chemist.

Over the course of the required 30 semester credit hours, you will take classes in food and flavor chemistry, sensory evaluation and food analysis. You may also declare a minor with this program. A thesis is required.

This program is offered at TWU's Denton campus.

Careers & Salaries

Flavor chemists work in the government and private sectors. Companies that focus on pets, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages hire flavor chemists to work in areas such as:

  • Production
  • Regulatory control
  • Quality assurance
  • Research and development

Salaries in these fields vary widely. Payscale.com currently lists a median annual income of $67,000 for food chemists.

Why Food Science at TWU?

Flavor chemists are in demand to develop new flavors and reformulate old ones. Because of this, our Nutrition and Food Sciences department has added flavor chemistry courses to its long-standing master's in Food Sciences program. If you want to be ahead of your peers, you will want to earn your degree at TWU.

Program Requirements

The Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences requires undergraduate semester credit hours prerequisites for this degree programSee full program requirements in the Graduate Catalog.

As a full-time student, you can complete the coursework and thesis for this degree within two years.

How To Apply

See the Admissions Office for TWU admission requirements. You need to apply and be accepted into the TWU Graduate School before acceptance into the Food Science and Flavor Chemistry program.

For More Information

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