Parenting Students

Texas Woman’s University is a campus with a heart, and we support our pregnant and parenting Pioneers.  We understand that raising children while juggling the demands of a college education often complicates matters for families, but our resources provide pregnant and parenting students with encouragement and assistance.  According to TWU ranks No. 4 in its listing of top colleges for single parents. 

We even have a dedicated student retention and support specialist (SRSS) who can support your need for adjustments and accommodations in your courses, and our associate director for the CARE Office serves as our pregnant and parenting student liaison to help you access campus and community resources related to caregiving responsibilities. In these roles, our SRSS and our Student Parent Liaison assist you, along with the Title IX office, in assuring you have full access to the resources, support and accommodations you may need.  

If you are a currently registered Pioneer and are the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18 or you are currently pregnant (regardless of sex or gender identity) and need access to campus resources for support or accommodations, please complete our accommodation form. This form allows Texas Woman’s University to note your status as a pregnant or parenting student and will help us provide you with resources, services and support to make your journey at TWU a little easier.

If you have any questions, please contact:

For accommodations:

Kendal Lou Dickson
Student Retention and Support Specialist


For parenting resources:

Meredith Maddox, Student Parent Liaison
Associate Director for CARE

Parenting Resources

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