Counseling and Psychological Services

Welcome to Texas Woman’s University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)! We look forward to working collaboratively with you during your time at TWU.

TWU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is committed to providing high-quality, culturally-competent mental health services to enrolled students across all three campuses. Our services support the development of the whole person by fostering student resiliency, emotional well-being, interpersonal effectiveness and academic success. 

Although college can be an exciting time of growth, it can also present unexpected and stressful challenges. It is not uncommon to need support beyond what family and friends can offer at some point in a college career. Are you…

  • Worried about balancing relationships, work, and school?
  • Feeling more blue than normal?
  • Trying to figure out “who you are?”
  • Having trouble concentrating?
  • Feeling anxious and nervous?
  • Upset about a relationship?
  • Trying to overcome your past?
  • Hearing from family and friends that they are worried about you?
  • Concerned about a friend or family member?
  • Looking for a new mental health provider?

CAPS can help you with these issues, and many more. CAPS staff is dedicated to providing a confidential atmosphere to assist all students.

Scope of Care

TWU CAPS provides short-term therapy and consultation to students who are experiencing emotional and psychological problems that are interfering with their academic performance and personal well-being. Our purpose is not to provide long-term or intensive treatment for chronic or severe mental illness or mental health problems. CAPS reserves the right to determine if we have adequate resources and expertise to address your particular treatment needs. If your needs cannot be met by CAPS, we will work with you to secure an appropriate referral.

Emotional Support Animal Notice 

Requests for documentation related to Emotional Support Animal accommodations are considered on a case by case basis for existing clients only. When it is determined that a letter of support is warranted, CAPS staff will provide a written summary of your course of treatment and diagnosis. Although we are glad to assist you in this manner, please note that we do not offer a formal recommendation for accommodations and that any decision regarding the need for an Emotional Support Animal will be at the sole discretion of the party for whom the documentation is being provided.

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