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COVID-19 Internet Access Resources

With our transition to online, many students have questions about access and connectivity. The FCC runs Lifeline, a grant program designed to help make communications services more affordable for low-income consumers. 

Additionally, the FCC has recently made an agreement with providers stating late fees will be waived and service will not be terminated for lack of payment. Additionally, several providers are offering additional options. To assist you, a few options are listed below:


Additional resources to help you get connected:

The Office of Student Life at TWU T. Boone Pickens Institute for Health Sciences, Dallas Center helps students persist to completion of their intended academic pursuits as well as become citizens aware of inequities within their local communities.

TWU Dallas Student Life staff cultivate and leverage relationships with students, faculty, academic departments, student service departments, and community agencies. TWU Dallas Student Life staff enhance academic healthcare preparation through:

  • Leadership and cultural programs
  • Transition services
  • Campus traditions
  • Advocacy for student experiences beyond the classroom

In order to inspire excellence and a pioneering spirit, TWU Dallas Student Life staff value student success, citizenship, collaborative relationships and sustainable programs and services.


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