Campus Alliance for Resource Education

Life is a difficult balancing act for all students, but can be even more of a challenge for non-traditional students and commuting students. At TWU, we get it. We know you face many obstacles while attending college, including inexperience in the classroom, working, parenting and care-giving, among other obligations. The CARE office is here to help lighten your load by connecting you to resources on campus so you can achieve your dream of getting a higher education.

CARE is your resource center for off-campus living, commuting and non-traditional (including veterans, students with children, adult learners and students who are adopted/aged out of foster care) student services. 

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What can CARE do for you?

  • Provide information about transportation
  • Refer you to campus or community resources
  • Give you personalized, individual attention
  • Potentially provide financial assistance
  • Arrange activities, events, and support networks that are specifically designed for commuters
  • Give you a quiet, comfortable, safe space for you to eat, study, hang out, and do homework in our Commuter Lounge (Student Union at Hubbard Hall, Room 1210)
  • Offer you amenities such as a fridge, microwave, computers to work on, and more!

Are you struggling to pay for school, child care, or you or your family's specific needs? Are you having a hard time in any of your classes? Have you been able to balance your life responsibilities with school?  What is keeping you from achieving your goals?  Please contact us and let us help you! We are here for you! 

Page last updated 10:11 AM, May 22, 2023