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The student experience at Texas Woman’s University encompasses so much more than academics. The student services we provide ensure it’s one that is both personally and educationally rewarding.

We’re here to assist you with your needs and to fuel the flames of your passion.

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Career Connections Center

There’s a connection between your academic life at TWU and a career that fulfills you and sets you on a path to success, and we want to help you make it. Working with the students and alumni of our three campuses, we provide a number of programs to educate, develop, and assist you in meeting the challenges of an ever-changing world of work.

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Commuting to campus can come with its own advantages and challenges. Use the Campus Alliance for Resource Education (CARE) to find out where to park or how get a parking pass and discover ways to connect with similar students, such as other parents, other veterans, or other foster-care alumni.

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Counseling and Psychological Services

Whether you’re worried about balancing work and school, feeling anxious and nervous, or concerned about a friend or family member, our professional counselors and psychologists can be there to help.

TWU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) serves students at all three campus locations to foster student success and personal growth in a safe environment.

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Dining is an essential part of the community we create at TWU with several locations at the Denton campus and additional dining options at the Dallas and Houston centers.

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Disability Services for Students

We’re committed to providing equal access to educational opportunities and through Disability Services for Students (DSS) can make appropriate accommodations for students in the classroom.

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Fitness and Recreation

To excel in the classroom at Texas Woman’s University, you’ll need to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Keeping an active body fuels an active mind. So stay in shape, live a healthy lifestyle, and gain an appreciation for the overall wellness we can create together.

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Our Denton campus is known for its beauty and is one of the safest college campuses in the nation. Our students who live on campus feel like a part of the university community — plus, they perform better academically and are more likely to graduate.

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ID Services

The TWU Pioneer ID Card is the official ID of Texas Woman’s University. The Pioneer ID Card signifies your status as an active member of the Texas Woman’s University community, serving as your official student identification card and much more.

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Legal Services

Get free consultations on wills, durable powers of attorney, or directives to physicians. Obtain free legal advice on criminal charges, contracts, or immigration matters. Student Life Legal Services offers appointments at the Denton Campus.

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Scholar Programs

The Scholar Programs Office provides guidance to students admitted to the university under the McDavid, Terry and Texas Leadership Scholar Programs. In these programs students will bond with a community of peers who share similar goals to succeed academically and strengthen their leadership skills. 

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Student Health Services

Part of caring for the whole you includes caring for your health and well-being through primary, women's and psychiatric healthcare services. We are staffed with experienced full-time medical providers and medical support staff, partnering with you to be a Pioneer of your health.

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Student Development

Become a better leader, find an opportunity to serve as a volunteer, or go Greek to forge new friendships. The Center for Student Development can be your hub to explore new interests and network with those who share your passion.

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