Health and Wellbeing Initiative

At Texas Woman’s, we define wellbeing as the essential skills of self-care. Like all skills, they need to be taught, developed, and practiced.

Why is this so important?

Emphasizing health and wellbeing supports the belief that a university education should educate the whole person.

Women frequently make decisions on behalf of their families with regard to finances, eating, and wellbeing practices.

As the nation’s largest university primarily for women, Texas Woman’s has a distinct opportunity to lead widespread changes related to health and wellbeing in our communities.

Najwa Seyedmorteza

For me, health and wellbeing means creating a ritual or practice where self-care and self-love are prominent. Students believe that there is not enough time for wellbeing. We need to show them that there is time and not everything has to be done or rushed at once.

Najwa Seyedmorteza

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