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The TWU Moves Challenge

January 23rd through March 5th, 2023

TWU Fitness and Recreation is partnering with the Health and Wellbeing Initiative (HWI) to create this year's 6-week physical wellness program called TWU Moves. Participants will be able to track their fitness progress and overall wellbeing using the TWU Moves Scorecard available through the Registration Form. 

The program consists of a 2 tier point system where participants will earn points geared towards various prizes. The first tier goal is 20 points (Prize: lunch tote bag). For the second tier, the goal is 40 points (Prize: bento box). 

Participants can earn a maximum of 3 points a day in any combination of the themed areas. To log points, you will track your own progress using the TWU Moves Scorecard. Once completed, the scorecard will be turned in either at the Fitness and Recreation front desk (Denton campus) or by emailing it to Prizes will be available for pick up at Fitness and Recreation.

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