Outdoor Equipment Rentals

Equipment rentals are available to all TWU students for a nominal fee. 

We also offer an Outdoor Education Resource List that includes maps, books, travel guides, magazines, and much more to help you research your next adventure or activity.

Outdoor Adventure Center Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 3-8 p.m. 
 Michael Wilson for more info.

Camping Gear

Items  Daily Price   Weekly Price 
Tent (Various Sizes)    $5   $20
Tarps (Various Sizes)   $2    $5 
Sleeping Bag   $2    $5
Inflatable Sleeping Pad     $2    $5
Camp Pillow   $2    $5
Air Mattress (Twin)   $4    $10
Hammock   $3    $10
Small Camp Chair   $2    $6
Large Camp Chair   $2    $6
Luggage Carrier   $5   $15
Head Lamp   $3   $10
Rechargeable Lantern   $2   $6
Fan   $3   $10
Camelback (70oz)   $10   $30
Cooler (50qt)   $2   $6
Propane Stove   $3   $10
Dutch Oven   $3   $10
Day Backpack   $5   $15
Backpacking Pack   $5   $15
Trekking Poles   $3   $10
Titanium Pot   $3   $10
Fly Fishing Poles   $5   $15
Hiking Boots   $3   $10

Camping Packages

Items   Daily Price   Weekly Price 
2 Person Package:    $15   $40
2-3 Person Sleeping Tent 
2 Sleeping Pads, 2 Sleeping Bags  
Camp Stove
4 Person Package:    $20   $60
4-6 Person Sleeping Tent 
4 Sleeping Pads, 4 Sleeping Bags
Camp Stove 

Climbing Equipment

Items   Daily Price   Weekly Price 
Crash Pads    $4   $15
Climbing Shoes    $3   $10


Items    Hourly Price    Daily Price    Weekly Price 
Trek Mountain Bike Package    free   free   $20
  • Helmet and bike lock included
  • Bike rentals are limited to 1 week maximum


Items   Daily Price   Weekly Price 
Outdoor Badminton Set   $5   $10
Volleyball Set   $5   $10
Cornhole Set   $5   $10

Resource Items

Items   Duration   Fee 
Books   1 Week   Free
Magazines     2 Hours   Free 
DVDs   24 Hours   Free 

Snow Sports

Items   Daily Price   Weekly Price 
Ski Goggles    $3   $20
Ski Gloves   $3   $20

Water Sports

Items   Daily Price   Weekly Price 
Sit on Kayak (Single) Package    $15   $45
Sit on Kayak (Double) Package   $20   $60
Dry Bag   $5   $10
Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board    $20   $50
Inflatable Kayak 2 or 4 Person    $15   $45

*All Kayaks include seatbacks, paddles, and life jackets



Equipment is available to TWU faculty, staff, and students with current TWU issued ID.


  • Reservations may be made a day or two weeks in advance.
  • A reservation must be made in person and paid in full
  • If a reservation is not picked up by 6 pm on day of request, the reservation is cancelled with no refund.


  • Renters must properly clean, dry, and pack the equipment prior to its return. If the returned equipment is not clean, dry and packed properly, a $10 cleaning fee is charged for single items for cleaning, drying, and packing the equipment.
  • The University reserves the right to inspect equipment for up to 72 hours after return and charge for any cleaning, drying, packing, missing parts, or damage found at the time.
  • The University reserves the right to place a hold on student accounts and/or University records of any student who fails to pay any fees or other amounts due under a Rental Center Contract or these policies.

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