Online Resources

When you have questions about health, fitness and nutrition, we have answers, and you don’t have to be on campus to find the resources you need to improve your overall wellbeing!

Student Health 101 — Check out this health and wellness magazine to find fitness tips and videos, nutrition info and articles written with students in mind. Newsletter provided by Student Health Services.

#TWUWorkout Wednesday — Follow Fit & Rec on Instagram for healthy living advice. We feature weekly personal trainer posts, share workout videos and fitness tips each week.

Nutrition Basics

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Portion Sizes

Food Safety

USDA Food Handling Basics
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Home Food Safety
FDA Food Safety at Home

Eating Out

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Making Health Choices Eating Out Article
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Eating on the Run Tip Sheet
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Eating Out Tips

Eating Healthy on Campus

Healthy Microwave Meals/Recipes for the Dorm
Eating Healthy on a Budget

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