TWU Gaming Lounge

Student playing a video game at the TWU Gaming Lounge

We are excited to have a place on campus for those who enjoy gaming, tabletop games, movies, or spending time with friends in a leisurely environment. We will have events focused on all varieties of entertainment throughout each semester.

TWU Gaming Lounge Hours

Fall 2024

  • Monday- Friday: Noon-10 p.m.
  • Saturday: Noon - 6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 2-10 p.m.

Contact Michael Wilson for more information.

Private Event

Beginning Fall 2024 you can request to host a private event in the Gaming Lounge! We have rental rates available for TWU Students, TWU Faculty and Staff, as well as our friends in the community. If you are interested please fill out this form and submit for more information.


All gaming lounge events are free for TWU students, faculty, and staff. Most events are very beginner friendly.

Event Dates

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Event Date Time
Parliament Village Night August 26 6-9 pm
Guinn Night August 27 6-9 pm
Stark Night August 28 6-9 pm
Commuter Day August 29 3-6 pm
Lowry Night August 30 6-9 pm
Gaming and Grub September 4 12-2 pm
Esports Teams Interviews and Tryouts September 3-13 By appointment
T-Dub Drop in featuring Fortnite September 17 6-9 pm
Movie Night September 24 5-9 pm
Super Smash Bros Night October 8 6-8 pm
T-Dub Drop in featuring Fortnite October 23 6-9 pm
TWU Ghost Stories Stream October 30 6-8pm
Movie Night October 31 5-9 pm
Magic: the Gathering Night November 5 6-8pm
T-Dub Drop in featuring Fortnite November 13 6-9 pm
Movie Night November 19 5-9 pm
T-Dub Drop in featuring Fortnite November 27 12-4 pm

Event Descriptions

Commuter Night - Before you head home, or in between classes, come by the Gaming Lounge and enjoy the vibe!

Esports Interviews and Tryouts - If you are interested in joining one of TWU’s first esports teams here is your chance! TWU Fit & Rec will be hosting tryouts for Valorant, Overwatch 2, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Applications are required and interviews will start the week of September 3 and tryouts will follow soon after.

Guinn Night - Guinn Residents! Grab you buddies and head down to the Gaming Lounge for a fun, relaxing way to kick off your semester.

Lowry Night - Head on over to the Gaming Lounge inside the Fit & Rec with your squad to wrap up your first week of classes.

Magic the Gathering Night - Grab your cards and head to the Gaming Lounge for a night of Magic: The Gathering.

Movie Night - Enjoy a movie in the Gaming Lounge with your friends while getting your games in!

Parliament Village Night - Come on a treasure hunt with your Parliament buddies and find the Gaming Lounge in the Fit & Rec! It's a great space to game, watch a show, play a table top game, meet new friends, or study.

Spooky Movie Night - Spend your Halloween with us for a Spooky Movie night in the Gaming Lounge.

Stark Night - If you live in Stark Hall and want to come get your game on head over to the Fit & Rec and check out what the Gaming Lounge has to offer.

Super Smash Bros Night - In house Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament with fun times and great prizes! Don’t want to compete? Drop by and play on our many other consoles with other Smash Bros players for fun or warm up!!

T-Dub Drop in featuring Fortnite - Join online or in person to play in TWU exclusive Fortnite lobbies to play against other students to see who comes out on top. More details will be on our Discord.

TWU Ghost Stories Stream - Did you know TWU is haunted? Want to know where, when, and how? Drop into our stream on twitch and listen to the classic retelling of these stories.

Equipment Usage

Due to high demand for the equipment within our facility, we allow students to use equipment for only 4 hours per calendar day.

Get Connected

If you are interested in getting connected with the different communities on campus that revolve around gaming, tabletop games, etc. feel free to check out the groups below:

TWU Gaming Discord

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