Faculty and Staff


Spencer, Juliet, PhD
Director, TWU School of the Sciences; Professor, Division of Biology
Office: SRC 304K
Phone: 940-898-2352
Email: JSpencer7@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Microbiology, Virology
Research Interests: Viral Immunology, Virus Evolution, and Immune Evasion

Ahmed, Shazia, PhD
Clinical Professor
Office: ASSC 329
Phone: 940-898-2390
Email: sahmed@twu.edu

Teaching Areas: Molecular Biology, Genetics, Principles of Biology, Neuroanatomy labs, and Human Biology

Averitt, Dayna L., PhD
Associate Professor/Vivarium Director
Office: SRC 204C
Phone: 940-898-2708
Email: DAveritt@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Mammalian Physiology, Pathophysiology, Biology of Aging, Biology Seminar
Research Interests: Sensory Neuroscience; Pain Mechanisms and Analgesia

Bergel, Michael, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: SRC 304G
Phone: 940-898-2471
Email: mbergel@twu.edu 

Primary Teaching Areas: Molecular Cell Biology
Research Interests: Identifying novel chromatin-associated targets for cancer therapy and cancer prevention. 

Berger, Mary, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor
Office: SRC 104C
Phone: 940-898-2562
Email: MBerger4@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Principles of Biology, Molecular Biology, Biology of Aging

Biggers, Mandy, PhD
Lecturer II
Office: ASSC 341
Phone: 940-898-2790
Email: mbiggers2@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Elementary and Secondary Science Teachers, Science Education, and Engineering Education

Brower, Christopher, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: SRC 304L
Phone: 940-898-2706
Email: CBrower@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics
Research Interests: Ubiquitin proteasome system, Role of proteolytic degradation in cellular biology, mammalian physiology, and human disease. 

Conrad-Webb, Heather, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: SRC 304F
Phone: 940-898-2449
Email: hconradwebb@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Molecular Cell Biology, Gene Expression, Genetics
Research Interests: Regulation of rRNA synthesis.

Davis, Ann M., PhD
Lecturer II
Office: ASSC 323
Phone: 940-898-2366
Email: adavis21@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Principles of Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Immunology Labs

Elrod, Diana, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Office: ASSC 340
Phone: 940-898-3308
Email: DElrod@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Anatomy and Physiology and Non-Majors Science

Faure, Lionel, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor
Office: SRC 104-D
Email: LFaure@twu.edu

FitzGerald, Youlonda, MS
Assistant Clinical Professor
Office: ASSC 322
Phone: 940-898-2398
Email: YFitzgerald@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Anatomy and Physiology Labs

Goodwin, Karen, DC
Visiting Lecturer
Office: ASSC 340
Email: kgoodwin2@twu.edu

Gumienny, Tina, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: SRC 304H
Phone: 940-898-2718
Email: TGumienny@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Biology, Advanced Genetics
Research Interests: Cell communication

Hanson, Laura, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: SRC 304N
Phone: 940-898-2472
Email: lhanson@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Immunology, Virology, Bacteriology
Research Interests: Viruses, host interactions

Hynds, DiAnna, PhD
Office: SRC 204D
Phone: 940-898-2359
Email: dhynds@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Neuroanatomy, Advanced Cell Biology, Systems Neuroscience, Signal Transduction
Research Interests: Signal transduction mechanisms that mediate axon growth and guidance in neurons

Kottegoda, Samanthi, PhD
Lecturer I
Office: ASSC 320
Phone: 940-898-2782
Email: wkottedgoda@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Environmental Biology

Lybrand, Zane, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office: SRC 304J
Phone: 940-898-2192
Email: zlybrand@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Anatomy and Physiology
Research Interests: Neuroscience, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy

Maier, Camelia, PhD
Professor / Herbarium Director
Office: SRC 304D
Phone: 940-898-2358
Email: cmaier@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Plant Biology, Ecology, Environmental Biology, Plant Biochemistry and Physiology, Plant Environmental Biology and Plant Ecophysiology
Research Interests: Plant secondary compounds, roles in plant development, stress responses and reproduction, and health benefits

Mills, Nathaniel C., PhD
Office: SRC 304C
Phone: 940-898-2364
Email: nmills@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Biology, Endocrinology, Biology of Aging
Research Interests: Hormonal regulation of gene expression in male reproductive tissues

Pierce, Stephanie, PhD
Director, PSM in Biotechnology Program; Assistant Clinical Faculty
Office: SRC 301
Phone: 940-898-2797
Email: spierce9@twu.edu

Pislariu, Catalina, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: SRC 304E
Phone: 940-898-4611
Email: CPislariu@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Microbiology, Plant Biology, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology
Research Interests: Plant molecular biology. Plant-microbe interactions, Functional genomics of symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Serrano, Maria, PhD
Lecturer I
Office: ASSC 332
Phone: 940-898-2356
Email: mserrano3@twu.edu

Primary teaching areas: Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology

Sinha, Sushmita, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office: SRC 304I
Phone: 940-898-2400
Email: ssinha2@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Microbiology
Research Interests: Autoimmunity, T cell regulation, multiple sclerosis

Tennakoon, Deepani, PhD
Lecturer I
Office: ASSC 321
Phone: 940-898-2778
Email: dtennakoon@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Pathophysiology and Principles of Biology Labs

Wojtaszek, Jennie, MS
Visiting Lecturer
Office: ASSC 337
Phone: 940-898-2370
Email: jwojtaszek@twu.edu


Faber, Sarah
Coordinator, Budgets & Finance, School of the Sciences
Office: SRC 304-1
Phone: 940-898-2354
Fax Number: 940-898-2382
Email: sfaber1@twu.edu

Henderson, Steven
STEM Student Services Coordinator
Office: SRC 304-4
Phone: 940-898-2351
Email: shenderson21@twu.edu

Martins, Adalvan, PhD
Research Associate
Office: SRC 403-3
Phone: 940-898-2773
Email: AMartins@twu.edu

Nesterov, Volodymyr, PhD
Laboratory Services Supervisor
Phone: 940-898-2211
Email: vnesterov@twu.edu


Aughe, Jessica
Academic Advisor I
Office: ASSC 327
Phone: 940-898-2369
Email: jaughe@twu.edu

Abalasei, Lacy
Academic Advisor II
Office: ASSC 327
Phone: 940-898-3315 
Email: lfranklin10@twu.edu


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