Faculty and Staff


Spencer, Juliet, PhD
Director, TWU School of the Sciences; Professor, Division of Biology
Office: SRC 304K
Phone: 940-898-2352
Email: JSpencer7@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Microbiology, Virology
Research Interests: Viral Immunology, Virus Evolution, and Immune Evasion

Ahmed, Shazia, PhD
Clinical Professor
Office: ASSC 329
Phone: 940-898-2390
Email: sahmed@twu.edu

Teaching Areas: Molecular Biology, Genetics, Principles of Biology, Neuroanatomy labs, and Human Biology

Averitt, Dayna L., PhD
Associate Professor/Vivarium Director
Office: SRC 204C
Phone: 940-898-2708
Email: DAveritt@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Mammalian Physiology, Pathophysiology, Biology of Aging, Biology Seminar
Research Interests: Sensory Neuroscience; Pain Mechanisms and Analgesia

Bergel, Michael, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: SRC 304G
Phone: 940-898-2471
Email: mbergel@twu.edu 

Primary Teaching Areas: Molecular Cell Biology
Research Interests: Identifying novel chromatin-associated targets for cancer therapy and cancer prevention. 

Berger, Mary, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor
Office: SRC 104C
Phone: 940-898-2562
Email: MBerger4@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Principles of Biology, Molecular Biology, Biology of Aging

Biggers, Mandy, PhD
Lecturer II
Office: ASSC 341
Phone: 940-898-2790
Email: mbiggers2@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Elementary and Secondary Science Teachers, Science Education, and Engineering Education

Brower, Christopher, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: SRC 304L
Phone: 940-898-2706
Email: CBrower@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics
Research Interests: Ubiquitin proteasome system, Role of proteolytic degradation in cellular biology, mammalian physiology, and human disease. 

Conrad-Webb, Heather, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: SRC 304F
Phone: 940-898-2449
Email: hconradwebb@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Molecular Cell Biology, Gene Expression, Genetics
Research Interests: Regulation of rRNA synthesis.

Davis, Ann M., PhD
Lecturer II
Office: ASSC 323
Phone: 940-898-2366
Email: adavis21@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Principles of Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Immunology Labs

Elrod, Diana, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Office: ASSC 340
Phone: 940-898-3308
Email: DElrod@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Anatomy and Physiology and Non-Majors Science

Faure, Lionel, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor
Office: SRC 104-D
Email: LFaure@twu.edu

FitzGerald, Youlonda, MS
Assistant Clinical Professor
Office: ASSC 322
Phone: 940-898-2398
Email: YFitzgerald@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Anatomy and Physiology Labs

Goodwin, Karen, DC
Visiting Lecturer
Office: ASSC 340
Email: kgoodwin2@twu.edu

Gumienny, Tina, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: SRC 304H
Phone: 940-898-2718
Email: TGumienny@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Biology, Advanced Genetics
Research Interests: Cell communication

Hammett, Amy Jo, PhD
Associate Clinical Professor
Office: ASSC 335
Phone: 940-898-2397
Email: ahammett1@twu.edu

Primary Teaching and Research Areas: Microbiology, Immunology, Botany, Ecology, Environmental Biology, General Life Science Teaching Labs

Hanson, Laura, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: SRC 304N
Phone: 940-898-2472
Email: lhanson@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Immunology, Virology, Bacteriology
Research Interests: Viruses, host interactions

Hynds, DiAnna, PhD
Office: SRC 204D
Phone: 940-898-2359
Email: dhynds@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Neuroanatomy, Advanced Cell Biology, Systems Neuroscience, Signal Transduction
Research Interests: Signal transduction mechanisms that mediate axon growth and guidance in neurons

Kottegoda, Samanthi, PhD
Lecturer I
Office: ASSC 320
Phone: 940-898-2782
Email: wkottedgoda@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Environmental Biology

Lybrand, Zane, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office: SRC 304J
Phone: 940-898-2192
Email: zlybrand@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Anatomy and Physiology
Research Interests: Neuroscience, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy

Maier, Camelia, PhD
Professor / Herbarium Director
Office: SRC 304D
Phone: 940-898-2358
Email: cmaier@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Plant Biology, Ecology, Environmental Biology, Plant Biochemistry and Physiology, Plant Environmental Biology and Plant Ecophysiology
Research Interests: Plant secondary compounds, roles in plant development, stress responses and reproduction, and health benefits

Mills, Nathaniel C., PhD
Office: SRC 304C
Phone: 940-898-2364
Email: nmills@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Biology, Endocrinology, Biology of Aging
Research Interests: Hormonal regulation of gene expression in male reproductive tissues

Pierce, Stephanie, PhD
Director, PSM in Biotechnology Program; Assistant Clinical Faculty
Office: SRC 301
Phone: 940-898-2797
Email: spierce9@twu.edu

Pislariu, Catalina, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: SRC 304E
Phone: 940-898-4611
Email: CPislariu@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Microbiology, Plant Biology, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology
Research Interests: Plant molecular biology. Plant-microbe interactions, Functional genomics of symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Serrano, Maria, PhD
Lecturer I
Office: ASSC 332
Phone: 940-898-2356
Email: mserrano3@twu.edu

Primary teaching areas: Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology

Sinha, Sushmita, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office: SRC 304I
Phone: 940-898-2400
Email: ssinha2@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Microbiology
Research Interests: Autoimmunity, T cell regulation, multiple sclerosis

Tennakoon, Deepani, PhD
Lecturer I
Office: ASSC 321
Phone: 940-898-2778
Email: dtennakoon@twu.edu

Primary Teaching Areas: Pathophysiology and Principles of Biology Labs

Wojtaszek, Jennie, MS
Visiting Lecturer
Office: ASSC 337
Phone: 940-898-2370
Email: jwojtaszek@twu.edu


Faber, Sarah
Administrative Assistant
Office: SRC 304-1
Phone: 940-898-2354
Fax Number: 940-898-2382
Email: sfaber1@twu.edu

Henderson, Steven
STEM Student Services Coordinator
Office: SRC 304-4
Phone: 940-898-2351
Email: shenderson21@twu.edu

Martins, Adalvan
Research Associate
Office: SRC 403-3
Phone: 940-898-2773
Email: AMartins@twu.edu

Volodymyr Nesterov
Laboratory Services Supervisor
Phone: 940-898-2211
Email: vnesterov@twu.edu


Aughe, Jessica
Office: ASSC 327
Phone: 940-898-2369
Email: jaughe@twu.edu

Biology and Medical Technology (or Medical Laboratory Sciences) majors with last names starting with M-Z are advised by Jessica Aughe. We anticipate hiring a new advisor for students with last names A-L very soon, but in the meantime, please refer to the College Advisors link below to see who your temporary assigned advisor will be. We apologize for any inconvenience.

College of Arts & Sciences Advisors

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