Herbarium Mission and Goals

Mission statement

The mission of TWU Herbarium is to:

  • Provide a representation of plant communities that have existed in North-central Texas since the beginning of the last century;
  • Maintain, build, and make the collection available for study by research scientists around the world;
  • Serve as an educational resource for instruction and community outreach by:
    • Providing reference for the identification of specimens for students and community;
    • Using the collection to generate information disseminated through exhibits, lectures, workshops and other educational and outreach activities
  • Serve as a repository for research voucher specimens.

Immediate goals

The immediate goals of the TWU Herbarium are to:

  • Increase the extent of curation for the collection;
  • Build the Herbarium by adding specimens and actively soliciting donations and exchanges of specimens for the purpose of improving/strengthen our collection;
  • Develop an information base and inventory of the collection that will facilitate the accessing and dissemination of the TWU Herbarium data;
  • Provide access to the collection to all research scientists through an active loan program and digitization.

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