Biology Graduate Student Association


We are a non-profit, chartered organization with the aim of providing a unified presence for the graduate students of the TWU Biology Division. Our mission is to improve graduate students’ experience by promoting their development and advocating for their needs and concerns.


All enrolled graduate students of the TWU Biology Division are members of this organization.


  • To be the voice and pillar of support for biology graduate students and encourage diversity in all forms.
  • To make graduate students aware of the required rules and regulations for successful and timely completion of their degree.
  • To address queries of and support prospective and incoming graduate students of the TWU Biology Division.
  • To promote intra-divisional scientific and social discussions.
  • To assist in the organization of divisional events.
  • To establish a network between the Biology Division, Graduate School, International Office and Career Connection Center in order to promote the continual professional growth of biology graduate students.


Funding opportunities, requirements and deadlines

Advisers and Executive Council

The work of the BGSA is adjudicated by two faculty advisers.

Current Advisers

Claire L. Sahlin, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Professor, Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies

Lionel Faure, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Biology Division

The executive council is comprised of elected biology graduate students. Each officer of the executive council has a unique role in representing and ensuring the efficient functioning of the organization.

Current Members of the Executive Council

Rebecca Hornung

Namrata Raut

Akshaya Arva
Communication Officer

Daisy Cantu
Social Secretary

Paramita Basu
Financial Officer

Contact Us

Our executive council is always available for any assistance. Email us at

You can also follow our Facebook page and our Instagram account for updates and event information.

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