The Dr. Bettye Myers Butterfly Garden

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The first monarch caterpillar in the TWU Butterfly Garden
The first monarch caterpillar in the TWU Butterfly Garden (Photo: Perla Herrera)

TWU's Denton campus is host to two a native-plant butterfly gardens that attract and sustain monarchs and many other butterflies, bees and birds.

The Dr. Bettye Myers Butterfly Garden is located next to the Ann Stuart Science Complex in the south part of campus, and the Carroll Abbot Wildflower Sanctuary is next to the Texas Pond in the northwest portion of campus.

The gardens create beautiful landmarks  and give our students opportunities to learn by doing.

The gardens are supported financially by a generous grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (grant number: 83677401) and by funding from the university and private donations.

Watch: A swallowtail caterpillar on Texas Prairie Parsley

Support the Project

A yellow and black butterfly

We need your help to keep the gardens going. Those who make a donation to the Pollinator Garden Fund will be recognized on the website.

Support levels

  • Platinum Wing - give at least $1,000.
  • Gold Wing - give at least $500.
  • Silver Wing - give at least $250.
  • Bronze Wing - give at least $50.
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We need interested students to assist our faculty and staff in maintaining the gardens. Read More >>

Butterfly Garden Slideshow

American Lady on mistflower
Butterfly garden next to the ASSC
Bee on a purple flower
Black-eyed Susan and Winecup
Bordered Patch on Sage
Monarch on Frostweed
White flowers
Black-eyed Susan
Carroll Abbott Memorial Wildflower Sanctuary
Fall Aster
Gulf Fritillary caterpillar on Passion flower vine
Gulf Fritillary on Inland Sea Oats
Jeff Robb Outdoor Classroom
Monarch on milkweed
Monarch on milkweed
showcase garden
showcase garden
Texas lantana
wild sunflower

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